Surrender Fee/Charge

Surrender Fee/Charge,

Surrender Fee/Charge Definition:

  • Surrender Fee/Charge means: When the insurance amount is deducted when the person leaves life or retirement insurance.

Literal Meanings of Surrender Fee/Charge


Meanings of Surrender:
  1. The process of giving up.

Sentences of Surrender
  1. The final phase of the surrender came as Lakota starvation groups surrendered in front of military posts in Upper Missouri and Yellowstone.

Synonyms of Surrender

acquiesce, relent, submit, capitulation, yielding, defer, capitulate, give oneself up, give in, give up, giving in, succumbing, laying down of arms, give way, yield, back down, succumb, climb down, cave in, crumble, quitting, submission, quit, concede, acquiescence


Meanings of Fee:
  1. Pay (someone) for a service.

  2. Payment to professional or professional bodies or the public in exchange for advice or services.

  3. A virtue, especially one that remains in the feudal professions.

Sentences of Fee
  1. Others are offering discounts on software purchases through their free online service, which is now working.

  2. قانونی 3,000 legal fee

Synonyms of Fee

recompense, emolument, reward, give payment to, payment, handout, salary, reimburse, wage, allowance, stipend, pay


Meanings of Charge:
  1. Demand (quantity) as a person's price for a service or good.

  2. A lawsuit against someone (especially) a crime against the law.

  3. Assign tasks such as duties or responsibilities to someone.

  4. Stores electrical energy in (batteries or battery-powered devices)

  5. Attack

  6. Apply heraldic pads on it.

  7. Sale price of goods or services.

  8. An offense, usually formally filed against a prisoner, is brought before the court.

Sentences of Charge
  1. He charged me 22 for a postcard

  2. He was charged with assault

  3. The committee was tasked with reshaping the education system.

  4. Shaver can be used for carrying and walking

  5. The plan is to attack the enemy

  6. Silver quality filled with gills cross

Synonyms of Charge

attack, casing, levy, offensive, armorial bearing, fix a price, accusation, thrust, coat of arms, dive, keeping, move quickly, push, incursion, storm, lunge, tear, heraldic device, shell, plough, amount, protection