Surrender charge



Fees for termination of insurance contract before the specified delivery fee period.

The cost of premature termination of life insurance, years or other investment

Definition of SURRENDER CHARGE: If the policy insurance or the years are exempt from their cash value, the fees charged to the policyholders reflect the insurance company's policies and consequently the costs for accounting for administrative expenses.

SURRENDER CHARGE definition is: The cost of terminating an annual contract, usually five to seven years before a particular purchase period.

Literal Meanings of SURRENDER CHARGE


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  1. The termination price of the insurance contract must be in accordance with the specified redemption rate.

  2. SURRENDER CHARGE means, The cost of life insurance, annual or other premature termination of investment.

  3. Definition of SURRENDER CHARGE: Policyholders are charged a fee if they are exempt from life insurance or their annual cash value. This fee reflects the cost of registering the policy on the insurance company's books and subsequent administrative costs.

  4. SURRENDER CHARGE refers to The withdrawal fee for an annual contract is a set surrender fee, usually five to seven years.

Literal Meanings of SURRENDER CHARGE


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