Definition of Surplus:

  1. Alternative term for sustained earnings.

  2. When needs are met, when more production or supply exceeds demand, many things are left behind.

  3. To the extent that the production of goods, services and resources (such as capital) exceeds their consumption. Additional resources are the foundation on which capitalism is built.

  4. Power is not necessarily required. For example, future demand for a given product by a producer may result in units not selling more, resulting in quarterly or annual financial losses. Excessively spoiled products, such as cereals, can cause permanent damage as supplies deteriorate and products become unusable.

  5. Surplus specifies the amount of assets or resources that are in excess of the actively used portion. Additional can refer to a variety of items, including income, income, capital and wealth. In the context of inventory, specifies additional products that are left on the shelf and have not yet been purchased. In a family context, surpluses arise when the income generated exceeds the expenses paid. If all government programs are fully funded and tax revenues remain, the government's budget may be overstated.

  6. Allowance account after all other expenses.

  7. Items that exceed the requirements and cannot be returned to the seller for credit, but are useful for a specific purpose.

  8. Excessive or excessive

  9. Alternative term for additional capital.

  10. An extraordinary state budget situation, where revenues exceed expenditures.

Synonyms of Surplus

Let go, Kick, Overkill, New, Oversupply, Glut, Let out, Surplusage, Superfluity, Plethora, Epact, Bounce, Further, Lay off, Overdose, Fire, Turn off, Profusion, Additional, Surviving, Additional, Discharge, Ulterior, Plethora, Displume, Excess, Suspend, Release, Overabundance, Overflow, Sack, Gratuity, Overrun, More, Supplementary, Something extra, Overage, Overmuch, Overstock, Overplus, Auxiliary, Defrock, Turn out, Extra, Bust, Unfrock, Excessive, Remove, Overabundance, Retire, Excess, Remaining, Superannuate, Deficiency, Overrunning, Ancillary, Deprive, Bonus, Balance, Lagniappe, Depose, Remanent, Over and above, Over, Farther, Make redundant, Glut, Surfeit, Disbar, Can, Drum out, Spare, Give the gate, Superfluity, Redundant, Remainder, Credit, Excess, Other, Fresh, Separate forcibly, Supernumerary, Surfeit, Margin, Cashier, Overpass, Read out of, Net, Exaggeration, Kick upstairs, In excess, Break, Pourboire, Spare, Disemploy, Oversupply, Furlough, Left, Replace, As a bonus, Tip, Outstanding, Plus, Dismiss, Overflowing, Left, Leftover, Odd, Collateral, Remaining, Strip, Unused, Oversufficiency, Overgrowth, Superfluous, Deficit, Superabundance, Dividend, Inundation, Deplume, Overset, Expel, Reserve, To spare, Leftover, Demote, Contributory, Unused, For lagniappe, Overspreading, Supplemental, Accessory, Overmeasure, Displace, De trop, Discrepancy, Difference, Redundancy, Superiority, Pension off, Degrade, Another, Boot, Unconsumed, Give the ax, Bump, Leftovers, Extra

How to use Surplus in a sentence?

  1. Extra income creates a link between the demand and supply of a product or when some people agree to pay more for a product than other consumers.
  2. When you have more than your product, the best way to get rid of it is to sell to attract more customers.
  3. If you think your product is in surplus, you must reduce the price or sell to eliminate the surplus.
  4. Excess inventory occurs when a product is not sold.
  5. Additional food exports.
  6. An increase in the budget arises when the proceeds from the income exceed the expenses paid.
  7. Take advantage of the surplus.
  8. When a word uses an additional word, it means the opposite of the word deficit, which is used to describe a lack of goods, services or money.
  9. Specifies the amount of surplus assets in excess of the ratio used. .

Meaning of Surplus & Surplus Definition