Surplus Line

Surplus Line,

What is The Meaning of Surplus Line?

  • Surplus Line means: Risk with unapproved insurance.

  • Definition of Surplus Line: Companies that would otherwise be subject to rate or coverage regulations will be placed in an unregulated market in an unregulated market, subject to higher or lower terms of insurance rules.

  • Surplus Line can be defined as, Specific coverage or liability coverage is available through illegally authorized insurers when coverage is not available to sell this specific coverage by a state-licensed authorized insurance company.

Literal Meanings of Surplus Line


Meanings of Surplus:
  1. The quantity of something that remains on supply to meet demand, surplus production or supply.

  2. Excessive or excessive

Sentences of Surplus
  1. Food export surplus

  2. Maximize your extra cash flow

Synonyms of Surplus

oversupply, superabundance, profusion, overabundance, remaining, plethora, unused, left, superfluity, oversufficiency, additional, extra, excess, excessive, reserve, leftover, spare, surfeit, glut, in excess


Meanings of Line:
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  3. Line reader access.

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Synonyms of Line

backed, firing line, bar, skirt, career, hem, position, rule, crinkle, border, day job, trade, wrinkle, pursuit, mark with lines, occupation, activity, score, field, ligature, fringe, work, crease, employment, cover with lines

Surplus Line,

How Do You Define Surplus Line?

  1. The definition of Surplus Line is: Risk with proven insurance.

  2. A simple definition of Surplus Line is: Companies that would otherwise be subject to coverage or rate regulation will be kept unorganized for overload or over-line under state insurance law.

Literal Meanings of Surplus Line


Meanings of Surplus:
  1. The quantity of something that is left out of production or supply when demand is met.

  2. Overused or overused.

Sentences of Surplus
  1. Export of surplus food

Synonyms of Surplus

not required, leftovers, de trop, redundant, superfluous, remainder, unwanted, residue, uncalled for, useless, dispensable, expendable, disposable, remnant, unneeded, remains


Meanings of Line:
  1. A long, narrow brand or band.

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Sentences of Line
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