Surgical Schedule

Surgical Schedule,

How Do You Define Surgical Schedule?

The policy allows for a maximum payment for a variety of surgeries, depending on the severity or complexity of the operation.

Paying maximum amounts for different types of transactions depends on the complexity of the transaction.

Literal Meanings of Surgical Schedule


Meanings of Surgical:
  1. Relatives or use in surgery.

  2. That is, any work with great accuracy, especially with fast and highly accurate military strikes.

Sentences of Surgical
  1. Surgical dressing

  2. Surgical fire


Meanings of Schedule:
  1. Plan to implement a process or procedure with a list of events and timelines.

  2. Attached to official documents or laws, especially in the form of lists, tables or inventories.

  3. One of the forms (labeled "A", "B", etc.) is filled out (in relation to the income tax system) and relates to the different types of taxable profit distribution.

  4. Organize or plan events on an occasion.

Sentences of Schedule
  1. We have developed an engineering program

  2. A clear schedule of accessories and supplies is required

  3. The single will be released in April

Synonyms of Schedule

timetable, arrange, scheme, programme, fix a time for, time, book, organize, set up, plan, line up, make arrangements for, slot in