Definition of Surge:

  1. Technically, a sudden increase in line voltage that lasts longer than one cycle of line frequency (50 Hz in the UK and most other countries, 60 Hz in the North America and some other countries) or just over 1/50th or 1/60th of a second.

Synonyms of Surge

Charybdis, Access, Accession, Accretion, Accrual, Accruement, Accumulation, Addition, Advance, Affluence, Afflux, Affluxion, Aggrandizement, Amplification, Anabasis, Appreciation, Arise, Ascend, Ascension, Ascent, Assemble, Augmentation, Awake the dead, Ballooning, Be poised, Billow, Blast, Blast the ear, Bloating, Blow out, Boom, Boost, Bore, Break, Breaker, Breakers, Broadening, Buildup, Bulge, Bunch, Bunch up, Centrifugate, Centrifuge, Chop, Choppiness, Chopping sea, Clamber, Climb, Climbing, Clot, Cluster, Collect, Comb, Comber, Come together, Come up, Concourse, Confluence, Conflux, Congregate, Converge, Copulate, Couple, Course, Crash, Crescendo, Crosscurrent, Crowd, Curl upwards, Current, Dash, Date, Deafen, Defluxion, Development, Din, Dirty water, Dizzy round, Downflow, Downpour, Drain, Drain out, Drift, Driftage, Eagre, Ebb, Ebb and flow, Eddy, Edema, Elevation, Empty, Enlargement, Escalade, Exhaust, Expansion, Extension, Fill the air, Find vent, Flock together, Flood, Flow, Flow back, Flow in, Flow out, Flow together, Flowing, Fluency, Flush, Flux, Forgather, Fountain, Fullness, Fuse, Gain, Gang around, Gang up, Gather, Gather around, Go up, Gravity wave, Greatening, Ground swell, Grow up, Growth, Gurge, Gush, Gush out, Gyre, Gyring up, Heave, Heavy sea, Heavy swell, Herd together, Hike, Hive, Horde, Huddle, Increase, Increment, Inflation, Inflow, Intensity, Issue, Jet, Jump, League, Leap, Levitate, Levitation, Lift, Link, Loom, Lop, Loudishness, Loudness, Maelstrom, Make, Mass, Meet, Merge, Mill, Mill run, Millrace, Mount, Mounting, Multiplication, Muster, Onrush, Onward course, Outflow, Outpour, Peak, Peal, Pirouette, Play, Popple, Pour, Pour out, Productiveness, Proliferation, Pulsate, Race, Raise, Rally, Rally around, Rat race, Rattle the windows, Rear, Rear up, Reel, Regurgitate, Rend the air, Rend the ears, Rendezvous, Resound, Riffle, Ring, Ripple, Rise, Rise and fall, Rise up, Rising, Rock the sky, Rocketing up, Roll, Roller, Rough water, Round, Run, Run out, Rush, Saltation, Scend, Sea, Seethe, Send, Set, Shooting up, Sluice, Sluice out, Smash, Snowballing, Soaring, Sonority, Sonorousness, Spate, Spew, Spew out, Spin, Spiral, Spire, Spit, Split the eardrums, Split the ears, Spout, Spout out, Spray, Spread, Spring, Spritz, Spurt, Spurtle, Squirt, Stand up, Startle the echoes, Stream, Stun, Surf, Surge back, Surge of sound, Swarm, Swarm up, Sweep up, Swell, Swelling, Swirl, Takeoff, Taking off, Throng, Thunder, Tidal bore, Tidal wave, Tide, Tide wave, Toss, Tower, Trend, Trough, Tsunami, Tumescence, Turn, Twirl, Undercurrent, Undertow, Undulate, Undulation, Unite, Up, Upclimb, Upcoming, Updraft, Upgang, Upgo, Upgoing, Upgrade, Upgrow, Upgrowth, Upheave, Uphill, Upleap, Uplift, Upping, Uprisal, Uprise, Uprising, Uprush, Upshoot, Upslope, Upspin, Upstream, Upsurge, Upsurgence, Upswarm, Upsweep, Upswing, Uptrend, Upturn, Upwind, Vault, Volume, Vomit, Vomit forth, Vomit out, Vortex, Water flow, Water wave, Wave, Wavelet, Waxing, Well, Well out, Wheel, Whirl, Whirligig, Whirlpool, Whirlwind, White horses, Whitecaps, Widening, Zooming

Meaning of Surge & Surge Definition

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