Definition of Surfing:

  1. Exploration of the World Wide Web by following one interesting link to another, usually without a definite objective or search strategy. In comparison, browsing is exploration with a definite objective but without a planned search strategy, and search is exploration definite in both objective and strategy.

  2. The activity of moving from page to page or site to site on the World Wide Web.

  3. The sport or pastime of riding a wave towards the shore while standing or lying on a surfboard.

Synonyms of Surfing

Australian crawl, Aquaplaning, Aquatics, Backstroke, Balneation, Bathe, Bathing, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Crawl, Diving, Dog paddle, Fin, Fishtail, Flapper, Flipper, Floating, Natation, Sidestroke, Surfboarding, Swim, Swimming, Treading water, Wading, Waterskiing

Meaning of Surfing & Surfing Definition