Definition of Surety:

  1. A product or system needs to meet operational requirements under certain conditions

  2. The part that guarantees a loan is called a trust.

  3. Definitely a loan guarantee from one party to the other. There is definitely an organization or person who is responsible for repaying a debt if a debtor's policy fails or fails to repay.

  4. A person or company (such as a bank, guarantee company, insurance company) who agrees to be primarily responsible for another person's conduct, responsibilities or performance. The guarantor who repays the debtor's defaulted loan usually receives a transfer of the lender's legal right to collect the amount paid by the lender himself.

  5. Formal guarantees or the amount of money that is held as collateral against loss or damage, breach of obligation or breach of trust (as done by the defendant on bail). See also warranty statement.

  6. The person responsible for other ways of doing business, such as appearing in court or paying off debts.

Synonyms of Surety

Probatum, Dead certainty, Mainprise, Oversureness, Pride, Inerrability, Mortgagor, Inerrancy, Certainty, Escrow, Earnest money, Self-reliance, Underwriter, Warranty, Overweening, Faith, Security, Self-importance, Recognizance, Hock, Harmlessness, Cocksureness, Invulnerability, Bondsman, Godparent, Predetermination, Patron, Undertaking, Risklessness, Safeness, Bond, Assuredness, Poise, Self-confidence, Subjective certainty, Safety, Determinacy, Guarantor, Sureness, Bail, Unmistakableness, Confidentness, Pignus, Warrantor, Confidence, Proved fact, Backer, Replevin, Suspension of disbelief, Ineluctability, Angel, Courage, Definiteness, Hope, Gage, Dependence, Stocks and bonds, Clear sailing, Hostage, Reliance, Protection, Overconfidence, Infallibility, Safeguard, Inevitability, Unequivocalness, Vadium, Infallibilism, Unambiguity, Sponsor, Insurance, Guarantee, Acquiescence, Godfather, Tie, Token payment, Pawn, Credence, Replevy, Arrogance, Pomposity, Self-assurance, Guaranty, Absolute certainty, Acception, Warrant, Stock, Settled belief, Certain knowledge, Belief, Nonambiguity, Reception, Conviction, Immunity, Vadimonium, Earnest, Credulity, Certitude, Absoluteness, Insurer, Credit, Reliance on, Hubris, Univocity, Assurance, Predestination, Positiveness, Handsel, Bailsman, Mainpernor, Necessity, Overweeningness, Truth, Trust, Acceptation, Certainness, Sponsor, Determinateness, Noncontingency, Indemnity, Store, Guarantor, Pledge

How to use Surety in a sentence?

  1. In a particular case, the guarantee provides the customer with a line of credit to assure the recipient of the security that the user will comply with the termination of the contract.
  2. A suicide attack is a person or group that accepts responsibility for a debt, default or other financial obligation from another party.
  3. Bonds are financial resources that bind investors, lenders (usually government agencies) and guarantors.
  4. Suicide is often used in agreements where one party complains about financial assets or well-being and the other party wants to be sure.
  5. To date, we have not seen landlords practice requiring tenants or leaseholders to provide certain information about meeting rental requirements.
  6. Guarantees are available to reduce our pressure to minimize business risk. Fortunately, we planned our work and our plan worked great, which helps.
  7. He signed the loan application on his own and if I go by default, he is the guarantor of the entire loan amount.
  8. If you do not have a good mortgage loan, look for bonds that the bank can borrow from you.

Meaning of Surety & Surety Definition