Support Trust

Support Trust,

What is The Definition of Support Trust?

A trust in which only the necessary income and capital (assets held in the trust) have to be spent to help the beneficiaries of the trustee.

Literal Meanings of Support Trust


Meanings of Support:
  1. Supports whole or part of the clamping weight.

  2. Especially to help him work or work financially.

  3. Suggest the truth to confirm it.

  4. Permission (computer or operating system) Use or process (program, language or device)

  5. Endures endurance

  6. Something that supports or supports the weight of an object.

  7. Material aid

Sentences of Support
  1. With the help of the dome there are one hundred white pillars

  2. The government provides 2.5 billion annually for voluntary sector activities

  3. Studies support our findings

  4. Newer versions do not support GUI standards

  5. I can bear the pain at work during the day

  6. The best mount for a camera is a tripod

  7. He called for military assistance to protect the human convoy.

Synonyms of Support

prove, underpin, back up, sustain, post, assist, sustenance, give weight to, weather, bear, authenticate, bear out, verify, underpinning, ratify, confirm, base, brook, put up with, buttress, endorse, substructure, brace, pillar, document, carry, maintenance


Meanings of Trust:
  1. Someone's reliability, accuracy, skill or someone's strength or firm belief in something.

  2. An arrangement in which a person (trustee) retains property as a nominal owner for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries.

  3. A large company that owns the market or wants to gain monopoly control over the market.

  4. A hope or expectation.

Sentences of Trust
  1. I should never have believed that

  2. Relying on sailors is forbidden.

  3. Relationships will be based on trust

  4. A trust is established

  5. He himself used the rhetoric of the reformist era of the progressive era to form the store and its supporters as money, monopoly and administrator.

  6. My master lives with confidence in a flood

Synonyms of Trust

belief, sureness, safe keeping, care, faith, have confidence in, place one's trust in, have faith in, credence, confidence, freedom from doubt, freedom from suspicion, custody, pin one's hopes on, certitude, have every confidence in, assurance, protection, charge, reliance