Definition of Supply:

  1. Make (something needed or wanted) available to someone; provide.

  2. A stock of a resource from which a person or place can be provided with the necessary amount of that resource.

  3. The total amount of a product (good or service) available for purchase at any specified price.

    Supply is determined by: (1) Price: producers will try to obtain the highest possible price whereas the buyers will try to pay the lowest possible price both settling at the equilibrium price where supply equals demand. (2) Cost of inputs: the lower the input price the higher the profit at a price level and more product will be offered at that price. (3) Price of other goods: lower prices of competing goods will reduce the price and the supplier may switch to switch to more profitable products thus reducing the supply.

Synonyms of Supply

Stock, Store, Reserve, Reservoir, Stockpile, Heap, Pile, Mass, Hoard, Cache, Collection, Storehouse, Repository, Ability, Accommodate, Accommodate with, Accouterment, Accumulation, Acting, Ad interim, Afford, Armament, Assets, Available means, Balance, Cache, Capacity, Capital, Capital goods, Capitalization, Cater to, Catering, Chandlery, Clothe, Come up with, Contribute, Deliver, Delivery, Devices, Dispense, Disposable resources, Distribute, Distribution, Donate, Endow, Endowment, Equip, Equipment, Favor with, Feed, Fill, Fill up, Find, Finding, Fit out, Fitting out, Fulfill, Fund, Funds, Furnish, Furnishing, Furnishment, Give, Grist, Hand, Hand over, Heap upon, Hoard, Holdings, Indulge with, Interim, Inventory, Invest, Investment, Keep, Lavish upon, Liquid assets, Logistics, Maintain, Make available, Make provision for, Material resources, Materials, Materiel, Means, Method, Outfit, Outfitting, Pour on, Power, Preparation, Prepare, Present, Pro tem, Pro tempore, Procurement, Property, Provide, Provide for, Providing, Provision, Provisioning, Purvey, Purveyance, Quantity, Raw material, Recourses, Recruit, Reinforcement, Replenish, Replenishment, Reserve, Reservoir, Resorts, Resource, Resources, Resupply, Retailing, Rig out, Satisfy, Sell, Selling, Shower down upon, Staple, Stock, Stocking, Stockpile, Stockpiling, Store, Stuff, Subsidization, Subsidize, Subsidy, Substances, Subvention, Supplying, Support, Surplus, Transfer, Turn over, Victual, Victualing, Ways, Ways and means, Wherewith, Wherewithal, Yield, Give, Contribute, Provide, Furnish, Donate, Bestow, Grant, Endow, Afford, Impart, Lay on, Come up with, Make available, Proffer

How to use Supply in a sentence?

  1. There were fears that the drought would limit the exhibitions water supply.
  2. The farm supplies apples to cider makers.
  3. In the mans bedroom there was a nearly endless supply of chocolate and pizza that he had been saving for years.
  4. I increased the supply in order to address the increased demand. There were not enough of the given product so I thought it was necessary.
  5. When you put out a new product and everyone likes it you must increase your supply to handle the demand.

Meaning of Supply & Supply Definition