Supply side economics

Supply side economics,

Definition of Supply side economics:

  1. The theory that income tax reduces the incentive to work, save and invest, and that the growth of economic growth without inflation can be achieved by increasing the supply of goods and services. Supply-oriented economies support large-scale tax cuts, corporate deregulation and strong investment incentives for individuals and companies. Based on the law and in collaboration with classical and financial economists, he opposes the Keynesian economy (demand-side), which argues that aggregate demand is the main engine and stable force of the economy. It is also known as the drip economy because its proponents believe that when the benefits of a growing economy reach them, the rich will help the poor more than the rich. See also Lafarge curve and flow theory.

How to use Supply side economics in a sentence?

  1. Republicans are taking the economic message toward supply to attract businesses across the country.
  2. Sometimes, when there is a downturn, people try to use the supply side economy to revive the economy.
  3. There are times when the government expects people to use the supply economy to buy.

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