Supplemental Heating Device

Supplemental Heating Device,

What Does Supplemental Heating Device Mean?

  1. The definition of Supplemental Heating Device is:

Literal Meanings of Supplemental Heating Device


Meanings of Supplemental:
  1. It is supplied in addition to what already exists or is available to complement or enrich it.

Sentences of Supplemental
  1. Immediately after the birth of many premature babies. Later supplemental oxygen is required.


Meanings of Heating:
  1. Dev devices or appliances for heat supply, especially for buildings.


Meanings of Device:
  1. Anything that is produced or manufactured for a specific purpose, especially a mechanical or electronic device.

  2. A plan, method or proposal with a specific purpose.

  3. A photo or image

Sentences of Device
  1. Measuring equipment

  2. Writing a public letter is a traditional way of expressing dislike

  3. Decorative device by invitation

Synonyms of Device

amenity, dodge, appliance, wile, intrigue, aid, artifice, machination, expedient, invention, piece of equipment, gambit, tool, stratagem, trick, manoeuvre, subterfuge, piece of apparatus, ruse, tactic, apparatus