Definition of Superstructure:

  1. Construction above the basement or foundation, supported by an infrastructure which in turn is supported by the substructure.

  2. A structure built on top of something else.

How to use Superstructure in a sentence?

  1. If you want to build something that stands out in the community you should put up a superstructure that everyone will see.
  2. Despite our lack of information about the superstructures of the nearby tombs (lining the Via Labicana and adjacent to Eurysaces monument), we know that Eurysaces tomb had to contend with at least one of his neighbors.
  3. It was time to go to work on the superstructure , which was my favorite part, because we could finally build the top portion of the place.
  4. You may want to rent some office space in a superstructure that may show your clients that you are very serious and successful.

Meaning of Superstructure & Superstructure Definition