Definition of Superintendent:

  1. A person who manages or superintends an organization or activity.

  2. Executive level supervisor.

Synonyms of Superintendent

Manager, Director, Administrator, Supervisor, Overseer, Controller, Boss, Chief, Head, Governor, Organizer, Conductor, Foreman, Big Brother, G-man, MP, Administrator, Auditor, Bailiff, Beadle, Beagle, Boatswain, Boss, Bound bailiff, Captain, Catchpole, Chief, Chief of police, Commissioner, Comptroller, Conductor, Constable, Controller, Deputy, Deputy sheriff, Detective, Director, Fed, Federal, Flic, Floor manager, Floorman, Floorwalker, Foreman, Gaffer, Ganger, Gendarme, Government man, Governor, Head, Headman, In charge, Inspector, Lictor, Lieutenant, Mace-bearer, Manager, Marshal, Monitor, Mounted policeman, Narc, Noncommissioned officer, Officer, Overman, Overseeing, Overseer, Patrolman, Peace officer, Police captain, Police commissioner, Police constable, Police inspector, Police matron, Police officer, Police sergeant, Policeman, Policewoman, Portreeve, Proctor, Reeve, Roundsman, Sergeant, Sergeant at arms, Sheriff, Sirdar, Slave driver, Straw boss, Subforeman, Super, Supervising, Supervisor, Supervisory, Surveyor, Taskmaster, Tipstaff, Tipstaves, Trooper, Visitor

How to use Superintendent in a sentence?

  1. The superintendent registrar.

Meaning of Superintendent & Superintendent Definition