Sunsurf Mobile

Sunsurf Mobile

What is m1 SunSurf?

M1 introduces the new SunSurf 4G prepaid rates. M1 today announced the launch of its new SunSurf 4G prepaid plans, Singapore’s first 4G prepaid cell phone service for smartphones. Prepaid customers can easily dial # 100 * 7 # from their mobile phone to subscribe to all SunSurf 4G plans.

He also asked, does m1 work in Malaysia?

Data passport | M1. Take your local data overseas to over 70 destinations around the world. Receive 50% discount on select travel destinations including Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand Data Passport. You can also benefit from the activation fee exemption (U.P.

Second, how does m1 Data Passport work?

Data Passport works seamlessly with your existing M1 mobile plans. For example, when roaming abroad you can use your local data quota with just a few clicks in the My M1 app. In other words, your M1 pass travels with you.

So what is an m1 roaming plan?

Mobile customers with M1 subscription who pay a monthly subscription for this supplement do not pay an additional 20% on all postpaid roaming charges. Pay-per-use roaming customers pay only 20% on current roaming rates and promotions.

What is m1 network lock?

Network Lockdown is a feature that protects you from accidental data roaming by enabling data roaming only on preferred networks in Data Passport and Daily Unlimited Data Roaming destinations. Or you can activate / deactivate the network lock through our self-service channels: Dial * 123 # Manage my account. My question M1.

How many GB do I need for the m1 data passport?

You can subscribe to Data Passport through our current mobile broadband rates: SurfLite, SurfReg, SurfMax and SurfValue. mData 1 GB, mData Value +, mData Lite + and mData Max +

What if I use data roaming?

Data roaming occurs when the phone is disconnected from the main network and another network to ensure continuous voice and data coverage. Most operators have national roaming plans and the process of entering and exiting new networks is transparent.

Do i need to turn off data roaming?

Deactivate roaming

Are there any charges for data roaming?

Roaming charges can reach hundreds or thousands of dollars if you’re not careful. Roaming is generally not part of your plan and roaming charges may be higher. Roaming charges apply to voice calls, SMS (text messages), MMS (MMS) and data received or sent while roaming.

How do I connect to data roaming?

How do I get my passport information?

Follow these instructions to purchase a data pass:

Does data roaming use more data?

Data roaming occurs when the mobile phone uses data overseas on a cellular network that is far from the home network. So if you are using cellular data outside of your registered region, please roam with your data. With active data roaming, higher data charges are often charged. Go on Google.

How can I deactivate the data on the m1 card?

You can turn off recurring monthly and monthly data transfers through Manage My Account. Click the toggle button next to the data transfer you want to deactivate. Choose Confirm. You will receive a confirmation SMS upon activation of the service.

How do I activate roaming on my prepaid M1?

Step 1: Insert the SIM card. Download the M1 prepaid app or access the M1 prepaid portal. Enable mobile data and data roaming in your phone settings. Tip: The Network Lock feature automatically connects you to our preferred roaming partner network when you arrive.

How can I turn off data roaming on my iPhone?

What does it mean to wander?

This means that the phone will acquire a cellular signal when you are out of range of the cellular service provider. In this case, mix with the phone. Roaming seems convenient, but it is a problem: there are almost always fees for using other cellular services, inconvenient rates.

Are there any charges for receiving m1 international calls?

Yes, it is possible. Incoming international calls are free, outgoing international calls are billed at the applicable rates.

What is free roaming?

Free roaming means there is no additional cost to use your UK license for minutes, SMS or (most) data in the EU. So the minutes, messages and dates come from your UK balance and if you go over your deductible (or are a payasyougo user) you only pay what you would pay in the UK.

Can I send an SMS to m1 abroad?

You will be charged 15 cents for every worldwide SMS that an M1 customer sends locally (from Singapore) to a customer of a foreign network operator. The free monthly companion SMS does not apply to worldwide SMS. M1 delivers SMS sent worldwide, but does not guarantee that the recipient will receive them.

How can I check my data credit while roaming?

Can the m1 prepaid card be used abroad?

Can I use my prepaid data credit while roaming?

The prepaid data credit is valid for use in Singapore and preferred networks in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia and Taiwan at no additional cost. When using a data connection abroad, current roaming rates apply.

What is GSM roaming?

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