Sunsetter Awnings Cost

Sunsetter Awnings Cost

How much does a SunSetter motor awning cost?

A standard 16-foot wide and 10-foot deep SunSetter tent costs about $ 1,330 with a crank, or about $ 1,650 for a motorized version. The retrofit engine kit costs around $ 300.

How much does a motorized awning cost?

You will find many pricing options when looking for offers to install an extendable awning. However, experts agree that most manual and motorized retractable awning installations typically cost between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000. Motorized versions with remote control are usually more expensive.

You may also be wondering, how long do retractable awnings last?

With proper cleaning and maintenance, your awning will typically last 5 to 15 years and many are covered by warranties. The durability of the curtains largely depends on how they are treated. Check and clean the tent probably once a month.

Are SunSetter awnings good for this?

I know that Sunsetter is a high quality company. The seller and the installers were very good. They hire a great team and are very good at what they do. The curtain is beige and the assembly went very well.

Does SunSetter install awnings?

Answer: yes. Many people have installed SunSetter awnings on garages, RVs, pool fences, and other sturdy walls.

What are the best awnings?

Next, we will provide you with a handy buying guide to help you find the best retractable awning for you. Advaning Classic Series - The best outdoor awning. Service Week Patio Awning - Best awnings for windy areas. Sunjoy Marquise retractable awning - the best motorized awning. Outsunny - The best awning with retractable tires.

What are the best retractable awnings?

List of best retractable awnings Tentproinc awning sunscreen test. E. XtremepowerUS extendable awning. Goplus retractable awning. Goplus manual retractable awning for terraces. COZ retractable awning. Royal Shade Beige rectangular umbrella. Awning Assist Brace Retractable awning.

Can SunSetter awnings be used in the rain?

Even with the waterproof application of the awning, it should be noted that the retractable awnings are mainly intended for sun protection. However, if there is not much wind, you can use your awnings in light rain.

How long do fabric awnings last?

515 years

Does Costco sell SunSetter awnings?

Always shade, protection and comfort at the push of a button. SunSetter motorized retractable awnings make your patio or patio up to 20 degrees cooler and protect your family and guests from harmful UV rays. Call the SunSetter awning hotline on 18002576614.

How do you cover a terrace?

How to do it Buy an umbrella for an affordable, easy-to-install, and ready-to-install option. Use pegs and a tarp or canvas to create an affordable outdoor awning. Purchase a tarp and attach it to your patio using the accessories provided. Choose a professionally installed retractable awning for more versatile coverage.

How can I make my awnings?

Steps Select the position of the awning. Keep an eye out for where the sun comes in most contact with your home during the day if you want to reduce direct sunlight indoors. Determine how far your awning will go. Build the frame. Cover the frame with fabric. Attach the awning to the side of the house.

Do retractable awnings protect against rain?

The sliding awning: when it's hot, they keep us cool on the terrace or in the yard. But retractable awnings like the SunSetter break in wind or pouring rain.

What is the largest SunSetter awning?

The Total Eclipse extendable awning has cantilevers up to 16½ feet, is made with the strongest hardware available and uses the most durable and weatherproof awning material on the market.

Can a SunSetter tent be mounted on a roof?

Sunsetter awnings are often mounted on the wall or underside of a ledge, but can also be mounted on the roof using special ceiling brackets.

How big are SunSetter awnings?

Available widths: 8 feet and 10 feet to 18 feet, in foot increments. Projection: Up to 10ft 2in from home (10ft 11ft awnings extend to 9ft and 2ft wide awnings extend to 7ft).

How do SunSetter awnings work?

Extendable awnings allow for retraction and extension. The awning rolls up into the box and protects it from the elements when not in use. Fabric types work the same way as spring-loaded roller blinds. The aluminum panels enclose the box and are pushed out the sides of the window by the arms.

Are SunSetter awnings made in America?

SunSetter awnings. SunSetter Products LP is an American manufacturer of awnings and parasols. SunSetter claims to own about a third of the US market share. SunSetter manufactures and tests its products at a 6,700-square-foot facility in Malden, Massachusetts.

Sunsetter Awnings Cost