Sunset provision

Sunset provision,

Definition of Sunset provision:

  1. A sunset provision, or sunset law, is a clause in a statute, regulation, or similar piece of legislation that expires automatically. A sunset provision provides for an automatic repeal of the entire or sections of the law once a specific date is reached.

  2. A condition or provision in a law that designates a certain point in time when that specific law will no longer be in effect. The law will no longer have any effect at that point, unless the governing powers reinstate the law or extend the sunset provision before the expiration point.

  3. Once the sunset provision date is reached, the pieces of legislation mentioned in the clause are rendered void. If the government wishes to extend the length of time for which the law in question will be in effect, it can push back the sunset provision date any time before it is reached.

How to use Sunset provision in a sentence?

  1. Sunset provisions are automatic and do not need to be called.
  2. The U.S. Congress can override sunset provisions by voting to extend the law.
  3. A sunset provision is a provision in a law stating that sections of the law, or the whole law, expire on a set date.

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