Sunset Music Fest

Sunset Music Fest

When is the Sunset Music Festival?

Raymond James Stadium Sunset Music Festival. Additional fees may apply for choosing a payment plan. This ticket allows access on 23-5 and 24-5. The event takes place on Saturdays and Sundays from 3pm to midnight.

Also asked when the Sunset Music Festival ends?

15:00 12:00 The car parks open at 14 on Saturdays and Sundays and close at midnight every evening.

Second, where is the Sunset Music Festival?

Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida, USAIf you see this, what is the Sunset Music Festival?

Sunset Music Festival 2020. The Sunset Music Festival is an increasingly important player in the Florida electronic scene, bringing together great artists every Memorial Day weekend at Raymond James Stadium. One of Tampa Bay's largest events, Sunset draws over 50,000 visitors to the area.

How much do SMF tickets cost?

SMF 2019 AG Price 2 days - $ 144.95. 2 days GO PLUS - $ 164.95. 2-day VIP - $ 244.95.

How do you become a music festival ambassador?

Create an Ambassador account.

Log into your account and hit the "Start selling" button, that's pretty obvious right?

Choose the type of ticket and the number of tickets you want to sell to your friend. Enter your friend's name, email address and phone number to send them an invitation to buy a ticket from you.

What is Cascade Sunset?

This is just to kill time playing instead of shutting down as usual. The marketing part is a whole that is actually synchronized with the sunset. Cascade music works very well for the first sunset.

When was the first Sunset Music Festival?

Saturday May 25 - Sunday May 26 SMF is an annual electronic music festival held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Founded in 2012, the Tampa Sunset Music Festival was the city's first EDM fair. The event takes place every Memorial Day weekend.

Who will play Bonnaroo this year?

Bonnaroo Lineup 2020 THURSDAY 11 JUNE (in alphabetical order) 99 neighbors. Andy Frasco. Good thing. Bristol Maroney. FRIDAY 12 JUNE Instruments. Miley Cyrus. Sea bass nectar. 1975. Manage the jewels. SATURDAY 13 JUNE. Lizzie. Jet. Oyster head. Tenace D. SUNDAY JUNE 14 Tame Impala. Lana Del Rey. Vampire weekend. Bridges of Lion.

Sunset Music Fest