Definition of Summons:

  1. Court order notifying a named party that a case involving it (as a defendant or a witness) has been filed, and that it must make an appearance on the stated date to answer the charges or give evidence. Failure to obey summons may result in issue of a warrant of arrest or award of an ex-parte judgment to the opposing party.

  2. An order to appear before a judge or magistrate, or the writ containing it.

  3. Serve (someone) with a summons.

Synonyms of Summons

Writ, Subpoena, Warrant, Arraignment, Indictment, Court order, Process, Angelus, Angelus bell, Alarm, Alarum, Battle cry, Beck, Beck and call, Bid, Bid come, Biddance, Bidding, Birdcall, Bugle call, Call, Call away, Call back, Call for, Call forth, Call in, Call out, Call together, Call up, Call-up, Calling, Calling forth, Certiorari, Citation, Cite, Compulsory military service, Conjure, Conjure up, Conscription, Convene, Convocation, Convoke, Demand, Draft, Draft call, Drafting, Engraved invitation, Enlistment, Enrollment, Evocation, Evoke, Garnishment, Habeas corpus, Impressment, Indent, Induction, Invitation, Invite, Invocation, Invoke, Last post, Levy, Mobilization, Monition, Moose call, Muster, Muster up, Nod, Order up, Page, Preconization, Preconize, Press, Rallying cry, Rebel yell, Recall, Recruiting, Recruitment, Requisition, Reveille, Selective service, Send after, Send for, Serve, Subpoena, Summon, Summon forth, Summon up, Taps, Trumpet call, Venire, Venire de novo, Venire facias, War cry, Warrant, Whistle, Writ, Writ of summons, Serve with a summons, Summon, Cite, Serve with a citation, Serve with a writ, Subpoena

How to use Summons in a sentence?

  1. A summons for nonpayment of a parking ticket.
  2. He has been summonsed to appear in court next month.

Meaning of Summons & Summons Definition