Definition of Summary:

  1. A brief explanation or presentation of the key points of something.

  2. An overview of this article that provides readers with a headline, but does not provide specific details. Summaries give the example of a large work (for example, an entire book, speech, or research project) and must contain far less material than the actual work. Freeing readers from the task of summarizing and searching for important information can save time. Instead of re-reading the entire handwritten article, Ben can review his partner's written summary. As a result, he got an A in the middle.

  3. Avoid unnecessary details or brief documents.

  4. (Due to legal process) is performed without the usual legal formalities.

Synonyms of Summary

Essence, Nose count, Curtate, Digest, Count, Shortened, Reiteration, Copy, Run-through, Recap, Pruned, Core, Consolidation, Retrenchment, Apt, Dwelling upon, Prompt, Distillate, Encapsulation, Decisive, Brusque, Abrupt, Precis, Direct, Recountal, Punctual, Synopsis, Account, Tight, Abbreviated version, Curtailment, Statement, Peremptory, Succinct, Spartan, Synoptic, Laconic, Compendious, Abbreviation, Abridgement, Compressed, Instant, Recount, Instant, Pithy, Substance, Iteration, Review, Reissue, Ready, Encapsulation, Compacted, Abridgement, Sum, Cursory, Rehearsal, Elision, Rehash, Transient, Curtal, Retelling, Sententious, Abridgment, Truncated, Reduction, Outline, Immediate, Drumhead, Condensed, Summing, Census, Aposiopestic, Epigrammatic, Succinct, Compression, Terse, Roundup, Gist, Rundown, Pointed, Syncope, Reaffirmation, Reserved, Compact, Telescoping, Accounts, Capitulation, Elliptic, Contracted, Resume, Concise, On-the-spot, Compendium, Short and sweet, Swift, Condensed, Instantaneous, Thumbnail, Expeditious, Abstract, Immediate, Critique, Recapitulation, Foreshortening, Truncation, Forthwith, Curt, Synopsized, Cut, Restatement, Body count, To the point, Precis, Sum and substance, Epitome, Quick, Summing up, Reprint, Abridged, Low, Clipped, Perfunctory, Shortened, Meat, Shortening, Decurtate, Short, Taciturn, Abbreviated, Reckoning, Speedy, Compact, Recounting, Concise, Epitomization, Condensation, Compendium, Pith, Conspectus, Ellipsis, Abbreviated, Going over, Alert, Head count, Gnomic, Elaboration, Inventory, Summation, Apocope, Summing-up, Repertory, Résumé, Short, Compressed, Crisp, Prompt, Recital, Abstract, Practicing, Terse, Main point, Brief, Digest, Condensation, Synopsis, Docked, Little, Synoptic, Instantaneous, Abridged, Compendious, Close

How to use Summary in a sentence?

  1. Containment Summary
  2. Summary of Annual Financial Report.
  3. Summary of Chapter Three
  4. Late in another meeting, Jimmy didn't have time to check the document page by page and read the summary.
  5. If you are not sure if you want to read the book, it will be useful to read the concluding summary.
  6. I read a very long and interesting book, but my husband did not have time to read it personally and give a short oral summary of the subject.

Meaning of Summary & Summary Definition