Summary Prospectus

Summary Prospectus,

What is Summary Prospectus?

  1. A brief prospectus that mutual funds can use with investors. Informative brochures are used when brochures and additional information are available online or in print upon request.

Literal Meanings of Summary Prospectus


Meanings of Summary:
  1. A brief explanation or presentation of the key points of something.

  2. Avoid unnecessary details or brief documents

  3. (Due to legal process) is performed without the usual legal formalities.

Sentences of Summary
  1. Summary of Chapter Three

  2. Summary of Annual Financial Report

  3. Summary of arrest

Synonyms of Summary

synopsis, precis, résumé, abstract, abridgement, digest, compendium, condensation, encapsulation, abbreviated version, abridged, abbreviated, shortened, condensed, concise, succinct, thumbnail, compact, terse, short, compressed, cursory, compendious, synoptic, immediate, instant, instantaneous


Meanings of Prospectus:
  1. Printed material to promote or explain a school, company, future books, etc. to attract or inform customers, members, buyers or investors.

Sentences of Prospectus
  1. Read the college / university prospectus after finding a job in the field of your choice.

Synonyms of Prospectus

brochure, description, announcement, advertisement