Definition of Sum:

  1. Math problems, especially at elementary level.

  2. The amount of money.

  3. Quantities obtained by adding numbers. Adding all the funds received in the auction, the total is 5 245,878.

  4. A total number that comes from two or more numbers, quantities, or combinations of elements.

  5. Find the number (two or more sets).

Synonyms of Sum

The whole story, Add up, Recapitulation, Recount, Point, Group, Literal meaning, Calculate, Sense, Core, Aggregate, Whole, Lexical meaning, Compute, Compute, Rundown, Score up, Aggregate, Magnitude, Recite, Pith, Strength, Cast up, Significance, Product, Relate, Semantic cluster, Extension, Plus sign, Whole amount, Summation, Unadorned meaning, Lump sum, Summarize, Part, Span of meaning, Body, Nutshell, Addend, Tally, Total up, Meat, Epitome, Problem, Referent, Gist, Figure, Summing-up, Total, Structural meaning, Pack, Range of meaning, Assess, Tally, Tale, Volume, Consequence, Substance, All, Meaning, Count, Subtotal, Overtone, Amount of money, Recapitulate, Affective meaning, Significatum, Gross, Mass, Gross amount, Ration, Reckoning, Main point, Bearing, Deal, System, Resume, Drift, Essence, Measure, Idea, Integral, Reference, Import, Gauge, Sum and substance, Tenor, Difference, Digest, Total, Transferred meaning, Round sum, Figure up, Practical consequence, Summate, Symbolic meaning, Calculation, Tot, Integrate, Entity, Grand total, Quantity, Count up, Large amount, Totality, Reckon, Recap, Totalize, Amount, Add, Denotation, Purport, Sum up, Enumerate, Dose, Count, Extent, Connotation, Cipher up, Relevance, Mess, Amount, Cast, Grammatical meaning, Put a figure on, Signification, The bottom line, Run-through, Budget, Gross, Real meaning, Sum total, Quantify, Portion, Grand total, Structure, Synopsize, Inventory, Foot, Reckon up, Scope, Hunk, Tot up, Implication, Entirety, Quantity, Small amount, Itemize, Impact, Relation, Evaluate, The amount, Semantic field, Matter, Intension, Foot up, Summary, Heap, Measurement, Rehearse, Reckoning, Number, Undertone, Tote up, Signifie, Spirit, Score, Force, Add up, The story, Chunk, Gob, Detail, Value, Amplitude, Box score, Plus, Coloring, Bunch, Question, Bulk, Tote, Tally up, Parcel, Sum, Totality of associations, Quantum, Clutch, Lot, Sum total, Condense, Arithmetical problem, Be-all and end-all, Total, Tally, Account, Numbers, Determine, Work out, Tally, Pertinence, X number, Batch, Effect, Summation

How to use Sum in a sentence?

  1. Do the math and the effect will not be so good.
  2. If we add these equations, we get x.
  3. You can't pay that much.
  4. A combination of two basic numbers.
  5. Dean distributed 100 brochures for his new ministry, but it ended in zero efforts.
  6. One child asked me how many hours it would take to reach our goal. I said it would be three hours today and four hours tomorrow. The sum of three and four is seven.
  7. Warner told us that we need to give an exact share of all the numbers and we tried to answer them to get the maximum score.

Meaning of Sum & Sum Definition

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