Definition of Sum:

  1. An arithmetical problem, especially at an elementary level.

  2. A particular amount of money.

  3. Total acquired through the addition of numbers. After adding up all the funds received in the auction, the total sum equaled $245,878..

  4. The total amount resulting from the addition of two or more numbers, amounts, or items.

  5. Find the sum of (two or more amounts).

Synonyms of Sum

Total, Sum total, Grand total, Tally, Aggregate, Summation, Gross, Arithmetical problem, Problem, Calculation, Reckoning, Tally, Question, Account, Add, Add up, Addend, Affective meaning, Aggregate, All, Amount, Amount of money, Amplitude, Batch, Be-all and end-all, Bearing, Body, Box score, Budget, Bulk, Bunch, Cast, Cast up, Chunk, Cipher up, Clutch, Coloring, Compute, Condense, Connotation, Consequence, Core, Count, Count up, Deal, Denotation, Detail, Difference, Digest, Dose, Drift, Effect, Entirety, Entity, Epitome, Essence, Extension, Extent, Figure, Figure up, Foot, Foot up, Force, Gist, Gob, Grammatical meaning, Grand total, Gross, Gross amount, Group, Heap, Hunk, Idea, Impact, Implication, Import, Integral, Integrate, Intension, Inventory, Itemize, Large amount, Lexical meaning, Literal meaning, Lot, Lump sum, Magnitude, Main point, Mass, Matter, Meaning, Measure, Measurement, Meat, Mess, Number, Numbers, Nutshell, Overtone, Pack, Parcel, Part, Pertinence, Pith, Plus, Plus sign, Point, Portion, Practical consequence, Product, Purport, Quantity, Quantum, Range of meaning, Ration, Real meaning, Recap, Recapitulate, Recapitulation, Recite, Reckon up, Reckoning, Recount, Reference, Referent, Rehearse, Relate, Relation, Relevance, Resume, Round sum, Run-through, Rundown, Scope, Score, Score up, Semantic cluster, Semantic field, Sense, Significance, Signification, Significatum, Signifie, Small amount, Span of meaning, Spirit, Strength, Structural meaning, Structure, Substance, Subtotal, Sum and substance, Sum total, Sum up, Summarize, Summary, Summate, Summation, Summing-up, Symbolic meaning, Synopsize, System, Tale, Tally, Tally up, Tenor, The amount, The bottom line, The story, The whole story, Tot, Tot up, Total, Total up, Totality, Totality of associations, Tote, Tote up, Transferred meaning, Unadorned meaning, Undertone, Value, Whole, Whole amount, X number, Calculate, Work out, Total, Sum, Reckon, Compute, Enumerate, Determine, Evaluate, Quantify, Assess, Count, Add up, Put a figure on, Tally, Totalize, Gauge, Amount, Quantity, Volume

How to use Sum in a sentence?

  1. Do your sums, then the shock will not be too great.
  2. If we sum these equations we obtain X.
  3. They could not afford such a sum.
  4. The sum of two prime numbers.
  5. Dan had passed out about one hundred flyers for his new service, but had found that the sum total of his efforts had amounted to zero.
  6. I was asked by a child how many hours it would take to reach our destination. I said it would take three hours today, and four hours tomorrow. The sum of three and four is seven.
  7. Mrs. Warner told us that in order to get full credit, we had to provide the correct sum of all of the numbers, as well as show the work we did to arrive at the answer.

Meaning of Sum & Sum Definition