Sui generis

Sui generis,

Definition of Sui generis:

  1. Unique.

  2. Having unique distinction from other related entities.

Synonyms of Sui generis

Another, Beyond compare, Beyond comparison, Breakaway, Easily first, Else, Facile princeps, Immortal, Incomparable, Inimitable, Invincible, Matchless, Not that sort, Not the same, Not the type, Nulli secundus, Of a sort, Of another sort, Of sorts, Offbeat, Other, Other than, Otherwise, Peculiar, Peerless, Rare, Recherche, Second to none, Special, Unapproachable, Unapproached, Unbeatable, Uncommon, Uncustomary, Undreamed-of, Unequaled, Unexampled, Unexcelled, Unexpected, Unfamiliar, Unheard-of, Unique, Unmatchable, Unmatched, Unordinary, Unparagoned, Unparalleled, Unpeered, Unrivaled, Unsurpassable, Unsurpassed, Unthought-of, Unusual, Unwonted, Without equal, Without parallel, Distinctive, Individual, Special, Especial, Idiosyncratic, Quirky, Eccentric, Isolated

How to use Sui generis in a sentence?

  1. The sui generis nature of animals.

Meaning of Sui generis & Sui generis Definition