What is Sufrite? (Italian food)? 3

My mother ate when she was little, it's like Italian meat. We try to understand what it is and what it is about.


It's not fried, I know what is fried and what is not. The food my mother knows is real meat. S. My mother just wanted to confirm.

Sufrito, Sofrito is the same and different from the Latin Sofrito in Italian. Due to the USDA, the basic ingredient is no longer available for human consumption. Its main components are the lungs and other meats such as the heart and spleen, but not the liver. It is fried with pepper, tomato, parsley and onion. It was delicious. The reason for the ban is that air and lung pollution is now used in animal feed.

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In Connecticut, USA, Sofreto is made from beef or veal liver with tomatoes, onions (sauce), garlic and mostly flavored pepper. Serve at Pontelandolfo Club Waterbury Ct. Also serve at public dinners on almost every first Monday of each month, including at the Cercemaggiore Club in St. Donato, and Oakville CT. Also other locations in Waterbury CT. I once had a lung, but it is no longer available. It tastes great, especially on good raw bread, since you will want to eat it often, there is no such thing.

The diseases we use are chicken pox and possibly the liver. They are boiled in water in a pressure cooker for a few hours or just 25 minutes and then cooked in a delicious tomato sauce with pepper and onion and sometimes crushed sweet sausage. With polenta. In Crystal, it's not about regular meals, it's about the annual feast to be enjoyed.

I grew up and ate everything in Italian to eat there! I do not understand what you are looking for. I doubt it's sophistication ... it's a mixture of tomatoes, onions, onions and spices that make up the basis of many Latin American dishes, but if you eat it alone and don't eat meat. And it's not Italian. The only other thing that comes to mind is the Italian technique of toasting / frying a bunch of stuff. Writing as written, it will be SHVEET. It is usually made with two main ingredients, olive oil and garlic.

Do you know what other ingredients you are looking for in the dish?

It is a veal or beef heart and is cut into small pieces and roasted, then dipped in tomato sauce and cooked and served with loose bread or Italian bread.

My ex-wife Nana (Italy) runs a market called Sulfur. It was onion, green pepper, garlic and anything else of the day, fry well in olive oil. Sometimes I add sausage (mine), but not always. Then he added an beaten egg with milk, like a peeled catch. Bake in the oven, add the cheese at the end and melt in the oven. So he said, bring the anesthesia glaze and anesthesia. It was delicious and he called it sulfur.

When I was one, we had a lot of them. It was accompanied by bovine liver, lungs and trachea. Boil and soak in tomato sauce.

Noodles. Boas COISAS. Since I couldn't buy anything today, I used the same to hunt deer.

My dad did it when I was a kid and I loved it. This is the heart and lungs of an ox. When he couldn't find the lungs, he never did. It was accompanied by green peppers and onions with tomato sauce and that's it. I grew up in Turington, CT. Brenda de Angeles