How Do You Define Sued?

  1. Meaning of Sued:

    If you are prosecuted, it means that a third party has taken legal action against you for compensation. For example, third parties may take legal action against you for your actions or failure to cause injury, property damage or financial loss. If you are prosecuted, you may have to go to court and, depending on the decision, you may have to pay the person a sum (called damages). You usually hire a lawyer to defend your case. Defending a lawsuit and paying damages can be very costly. Liability insurance is designed to protect you from such disasters.

Meanings of Sued

  1. Take legal action against (a person or entity), usually for redressal.

  2. Ask someone formally.

Sentences of Sued

  1. He should sue the child's father

  2. The rebels should pray for peace

Synonyms of Sued

have up , bring an action , petition, claim damages , institute legal proceedings , haul into court , beseech , beg, entreat , file , claim , prefer charges against , have the law on , take to court, drag into court , solicit , petition , take to court , prosecute , charge , bring an action against