Sucrilhos Engorda

Sucrilhos Engorda

Too much milk, fat scrolls?

She doesn't have fat and see how she gains weight!

Or eat healthy, but it's all too much!

Study that facial abuse in TBM is bad?

Obesity is associated with a certain amount of fat, if you are going to gain weight, fat will appear, or even a little fat!

Mostly helped, good luck and success!

Logically, it makes you fat! This type of grain is very submerged, not sugar, and many people and growing corn. o Drinking milk together is for full reading, but on occasion for calories. Different types of fat content vary when the sink or calorie value is used or given for a specific service, or for information service or in general Chichara! !

Watch to hear where the batch lines are and how it is giving its information - at the IT level, it eats two meals !!

AO and just good !!

Wow, how do you get 2 boxes a day?

In response to the first drunk, yes, he no longer talks about fat, but takes a look at calories and ingredients.

I always do that, for example what we call 0trans fat but I see that our ingredients they put in there are hydrogen vegetable fats, it has to do with trans fats. !


It all depends on the QUANTITY.

Sucrilhos Engorda