Definition of Successor:

  1. Who takes over the obligations and/or rights of another (the predecessor).

  2. A person or thing that succeeds another.

Synonyms of Successor

Heir, Heir apparent, Inheritor, Next-in-line, Descendant, Beneficiary, Adherent, Aftermath, Apparent heir, Appendage, Attendant, Backup man, Beneficiary heir, Buff, Cavaliere servente, Conclusion, Consequence, Coparcener, Courtier, Dangler, Dependent, Descendant, Disciple, Dynasty, Effect, Fan, Fideicommissary heir, Fiduciary heir, Flunky, Follower, Following, Hanger-on, Heir, Heir apparent, Heir expectant, Heir general, Heir in tail, Heir of entail, Heir of inventory, Heir of line, Heir portioner, Heir presumptive, Heir whatsoever, Heiress, Henchman, Heritor, Homme de cour, Inheritor, Inheritress, Inheritrix, Joint heir, Line, Lineage, Next in line, Offspring, Orphan, Parasite, Partisan, Posterity, Presumptive heir, Public, Pursuer, Pursuivant, Relict, Remainderman, Replacement, Reversioner, Satellite, Sectary, Sequel, Shadow, Stooge, Supporter, Survivor, Tagtail, Tail, Trainbearer, Votary, Ward heeler, Widow, Widower

How to use Successor in a sentence?

  1. Schoenberg saw himself as a natural successor to the German romantic school.

Meaning of Successor & Successor Definition