Successor Life Rider

Successor Life Rider,

Successor Life Rider:

Definition of Successor Life Rider: Life Insurance Survivor which ensures that the victim can increase the value of his initial face with a certain amount of money without providing proof of insurance after the death of another insured.

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Meanings of Successor:
  1. A person or thing that happens to other people.

Sentences of Successor
  1. Schneiberg considers himself the natural successor to the German Romantic school.

Synonyms of Successor

heir, heir apparent, inheritor, next-in-line, descendant, beneficiary


Meanings of Life:
  1. A condition that distinguishes animals and plants from non-components, including the ability to grow, reproduce, function, and change permanently before dying.

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  1. The essence of life

  2. A catastrophe that killed 266 Americans

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  4. She is beautiful and full of life

  5. Your poses and clothes are taken from life

Synonyms of Life

existence, being, living, animation, aliveness, animateness, person, human being, individual, mortal, soul, creature, lifetime, life span, days, duration of life, allotted span, course of life, time on earth, one's time, one's career, threescore years and ten, this mortal coil, vivacity, liveliness, vitality, verve, high spirits, sparkle


Meanings of Rider:
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Sentences of Rider
  1. Two horsemen approached the cottage

  2. Agreed Driver: If the storm moves north, we will run for cover

Synonyms of Rider

horseman, horsewoman, rider, horse rider, jockey, conditions, qualifications, provisions, provisos, caveats, stipulations, riders, contingencies, prerequisites, limitations, limits, constraints, restrictions, reservations, requirements, obligations