Succession Plan

Succession Plan,

How To Define Succession Plan?

  • A simple definition of Succession Plan is: The planning process when the business owner decides to resign from his leadership role.

Literal Meanings of Succession Plan


Meanings of Succession:
  1. Many people who follow each other or things of the same kind.

  2. The act or process of inheriting a title, position, property, etc.

Sentences of Succession
  1. Many directors had secretaries.

  2. The new king was old enough to succeed him.

Synonyms of Succession

course, continuation, string, cycle, progression, train, run, elevation, concatenation, series, stream, chain, inheritance of, round, assumption of, sequence, flow, line-up, accession, line


Meanings of Plan:
  1. A detailed suggestion for doing or getting something.

  2. The intention or decision of what to do.

  3. Detailed maps or sketches.

  4. Decide in advance and make arrangements.

  5. Make a plan (make or make something)

Sentences of Plan
  1. I have no intention of resigning.

  2. He had planned the garden from the beginning.

Synonyms of Plan

hatch, draw up a layout of, want, devise, design, shift, make a drawing of, manoeuvre, sketch out, intent, ruse, shape, organize, intend, be resolved, target, excogitate, chalk out, fix up, way, scenario, orchestrate, tactic, envisage, foresee, work out, make a map of, choreograph