Definition of Suburb:

  1. An outlying district of a city, especially a residential one.

  2. An area or town located at the edge of an urban city. A suburb is contained either just within or just outside of the city boundaries. It is usually primarily a residential area, and is often dependent upon the nearby city for employment opportunities and other benefits.

Synonyms of Suburb

Outlying district, Residential area, Dormitory area, Dormitory town, Commuter belt, Conurbation, Stadt, Banlieue, Boom town, Borough, Bourg, Burg, Burgh, City, Conurbation, Exurb, Exurbia, Faubourg, Ghost town, Greater city, Market town, Megalopolis, Metropolis, Metropolitan area, Municipality, Outskirts, Polis, Spread city, Suburbia, Town, Township, Urban complex, Urban sprawl, Urbs, Ville

How to use Suburb in a sentence?

  1. A highly respectable suburb of Chicago.

Meaning of Suburb & Suburb Definition