Like me?

I can't honestly answer you about what I do on this page and I recommend downloading torrents directly from Meninova or Dako Bay, both of which are widely covered by the media. Because and because they are widely distributed. And it guarantees your speed.

Utorrent has a built-in search engine that searches these pages directly. As a personal recommendation, include movie numbers when searching for movies (such as King Panda O). Ao is an uploader that experiences exceptional quality movies and, above all, sets up the set very quickly.

The film will be in French (or source language). Very easy:

For example, if you type in King Panda Sublos in Google, hundreds of websites will be dedicated to storing Sublos. .srt sheets are highly recommended as if they have hexes with the notebook.

In order to watch the movies (or series, etc.) that Commodore will be part of, he admitted that he has placed a sheet of subtitles in the same folder as the video and with the same number. If you don't skip the basic codecs, you should have no problem.

In Chemo, if you want to add subtitles to a video, the process is a bit complicated.

Peace, Greeting!