Definition of Substitute:

  1. Alternative or discussed products in consumer theory and economics refer to products or services that consumers see as essentially the same or somewhat similar to other products. Simply put, an alternative is something that can be used as a substitute for something else.

    • Alternatives are products or services that consumers can easily substitute for others.
    • In economics, one product is often replaced when the demand for one increases while the price of the other increases.
    • Alternatives offer consumers options and alternatives, while creating competition and lower prices in the market.

Meanings of Substitute

  1. Use or add instead.

  2. Anything else or something that works or serves someone else.

Sentences of Substitute

  1. Dried sorghum can be used as a substitute for fresh grass.

  2. Soy milk is used as a substitute for cow's milk.

Synonyms of Substitute

replacement, pseudo , replacement , use as a replacement, provisional , near , makeshift , alternate , switch, other , proxy , cover, substitutive , vicarious , simulated , stand-in, spurious , stopgap , locum tenens, mock , dummy , standby, proxy