Substitute Check

Substitute Check,

Substitute Check Definition:

  1. Definition of Substitute Check: A replacement check is a printed copy of the front and back of the original check. The replacement check is slightly larger than the usual personal check, so it may contain a picture of the original check.

Literal Meanings of Substitute Check


Meanings of Substitute:
  1. Use or add instead.

  2. Someone else or something else that works or serves someone else.

Sentences of Substitute
  1. Dried rosemary can be substituted for fresh herbs.

  2. Soy milk is used as a substitute for cow's milk.

Synonyms of Substitute

proxy, understudy, alternative, relief, switch, replacement, standby, deputy, cover, fill-in, stand-in, exchange, locum, surrogate, locum tenens, stopgap, ancillary, reserve, use as a replacement


Meanings of Check:
  1. Check to determine accuracy, quality, condition, or the existence of an object.

  2. Pause or slow down (something unwanted)

  3. Leave (passenger) (luggage) in accompanying carrier care.

  4. Click or click (box) to select specific options on forms, questionnaires, etc.

  5. Move Mohri or Mohan to attack (the king of the opponent).

  6. (In poker) does not choose to bet if told, then the action is sent to another player.

  7. Pause (with the dog) to confirm or find the scent.

  8. Investigations to check or verify accuracy, quality or satisfactory condition.

Sentences of Check
  1. Customs officials have the right to inspect all goods.

  2. Several attempts were made to control the disease.

  3. I checked my luggage and got my boarding pass.

  4. Users who want privacy should check the box that prevents them from sharing their files.

  5. Move your knight to regain control of my king

  6. Each player can make checks, bets, calls or withdrawals as usual and bet the required amount for each card they hold.

  7. Campaign that requires regular inspection of gas appliances

  8. Market expansion is not slowing down

  9. A move that is not a stop, miss, or direct attack.

  10. Received a check for $ 1000

  11. Game checks were useless until they put them in cages at casinos.

  12. As he added to the list, Jordan reviewed every item the company made.

Synonyms of Check

scrutinization, check-up, assessment, cut short, scrutinize, inspect, examine, look at, probe, look over, perusal, examination, survey, inspection, arrest, scan, halt, study, investigation, scrutiny, dissection, bring to a standstill, inquiry, analysis