Definition of Substantive:

  1. Having a real or permanent, rather than apparent or temporary, existence.

Synonyms of Substantive

Ab ovo, Abstract noun, Adherent noun, Adjectival, Adverbial, Appreciable, Attributive, Basal, Basic, Bedrock, Central, Collective noun, Common noun, Concrete, Conjunctive, Constituent, Constitutive, Copulative, Correct, Elemental, Elementary, Essential, Focal, Formal, Functional, Fundamental, Gerund, Glossematic, Grammatic, Gut, Hypostasis, Indispensable, Intransitive, Life-and-death, Life-or-death, Linking, Material, Nominal, Noun, Noun phrase, Of the essence, Of vital importance, Original, Palpable, Participial, Ponderable, Postpositional, Prepositional, Primal, Primary, Primitive, Pronominal, Pronoun, Proper noun, Quotation noun, Radical, Real, Sensible, Solid, Structural, Substantial, Syntactic, Tagmemic, Tangible, Transitive, Underlying, Verbal, Vital

How to use Substantive in a sentence?

  1. The prosecutors case was complicated by the fact that all substantive evidence linking the defendant to the scene was washed away by the rain.
  2. When you are looking to invest your money it is better to do it in something substantive like gold then some dot com fad.
  3. Considering that the company had been in business for over fifty years the customer chose it because it was substantive .

Meaning of Substantive & Substantive Definition