Definition of Substantial:

  1. Concerning the essentials of something.

  2. Real and tangible rather than imaginary.

  3. Of considerable importance, size, or worth.

  4. Having substance; large; significant. The changes he made were far from trivial; they made a substantial difference in the productivity of the system..

Synonyms of Substantial

Considerable, Real, Material, Weighty, Solid, Sizeable, Meaningful, Significant, Important, Notable, Major, Marked, Valuable, Useful, Worthwhile, Real, True, Actual, Existing, Ab ovo, Able to pay, Absolute, Abundant, Actual, Adequate, Affluent, Allegorical, Ample, Appreciable, Ascendant, Associational, Authentic, Authoritarian, Authoritative, Authorized, Autocratic, Balanced, Barely sufficient, Basal, Basic, Big, Big-league, Big-name, Big-time, Bigwig, Bigwigged, Binding, Bodily, Bumper, Calculable, Charismatic, Charming, Close, Close-knit, Close-textured, Close-woven, Clothed with authority, Cogent, Comfortable, Commanding, Commensurate, Compact, Compacted, Competent, Compressed, Concentrated, Concrete, Condensed, Congested, Connotational, Connotative, Consequential, Considerable, Consistent, Consolidated, Constituent, Constitutive, Controlling, Cool, Corporal, Corporeal, Corresponding, Crammed, Crammed full, Crowded, De facto, Decent, Definable, Denotational, Denotative, Dense, Dependable, Dominant, Double-barreled, Due, Duly constituted, Durable, Earthly, Earthshaking, Easy, Effective, Effectual, Efficacious, Elemental, Elementary, Eminent, Empowered, Enchanting, Enough, Equal to, Essential, Estimable, Ex officio, Expressive, Extended, Extensional, Factual, Faithful, Faithworthy, Fast, Fiducial, Figurative, Firm, Firm as Gibraltar, Fit, Fleshly, For real, Full of meaning, Full of point, Full of substance, Fundamental, Generous, Genuine, Gluey, Good, Good enough, Good for, Goodly, Governing, Grand, Great, Gross, Gut, Hard, Healthy, Heavy, Heavyweight, Hegemonic, Hegemonistic, High-powered, Historical, Honest-to-God, Huge, Hylic, Impenetrable, Imperative, Impermeable, Imperturbable, Important, Impressive, In equilibrium, Indicative, Influential, Intelligible, Intensional, Interpretable, Invincible, Jam-packed, Jammed, Just, Key, Landed, Large, Large-scale, Lawful, Leading, Legal, Legitimate, Logical, Magnetic, Major, Man-sized, Massive, Material, Materiate, Meaning, Meaningful, Meaty, Metaphorical, Mighty, Minimal, Minimum, Momentous, Monocratic, Name, Nonporous, Nonspiritual, Numberless, Numerous, Objective, Of the essence, Official, Original, Packed, Palpable, Personable, Persuasive, Phenomenal, Physical, Pithy, Plenty, Plenty good enough, Pointed, Ponderable, Positive, Potent, Powerful, Predictable, Preeminent, Pregnant, Prestigious, Primal, Primary, Primitive, Principal, Profitable, Prominent, Propertied, Proportionate, Prosperous, Puissant, Radical, Ranking, Readable, Real, Referential, Reliable, Reputable, Respectable, Rich, Ruling, Satisfactory, Secular, Secure, Self-consistent, Self-important, Senior, Sensible, Sententious, Serious, Serried, Significant, Significative, Sizable, Sizeable, Snug, Solid, Solvent, Somatic, Sound, Stable, Staunch, Steadfast, Steady, Stout, Strong, Sturdy, Suasive, Substantive, Successful, Sufficient, Sufficient for, Sufficing, Suggestive, Suitable, Superior, Supreme, Sure, Surefire, Symbolic, Tall, Tangible, Telling, Temporal, Thick, Thick-growing, Thickset, Tidy, Totalitarian, Transferred, True, Trustworthy, Trusty, Undeniable, Underlying, Unfailing, Unflappable, Unflinching, Unindebted, Unshakable, Unspiritual, Unwavering, Up to, Valid, Vast, Veritable, Viscid, Viscose, Viscous, Wealthy, Weighty, Well, Well-balanced, Well-built, Well-established, Well-fixed, Well-founded, Well-grounded, Well-heeled, Well-off, Well-to-do, Winning, Without nerves, World-shaking, Worldly, Worthwhile, Fundamental, Essential, Basic

How to use Substantial in a sentence?

  1. Spirits are shadowy, human beings substantial.
  2. There was substantial agreement on changing policies.
  3. The losses that we incurred in the first quarter of last year in our clothing division were substantial and unless we are able to make them up in this quarter, we will be forced to reduce the workforce for that division.
  4. Substantial was the loss of forest around the surrounding area due to an increase in productivity from the woodsmen and loggers.
  5. When the computer manufacturer cut their prices by 50% on their laptops, they saw a substantial increase in laptop sales.
  6. A substantial amount of cash.

Meaning of Substantial & Substantial Definition