Definition of Substantial:

  1. In terms of the essence of something.

  2. More than real and genuine imagination.

  3. Very important, measure or value.

  4. The important things are important here. The changes he made were far from trivial. They make a significant difference in the productivity of the system.

Synonyms of Substantial

Primal, Durable, Legal, Suggestive, Of the essence, Sure, Original, Just, Steadfast, Well, Reliable, Considerable, Well-founded, Huge, Strong, Figurative, Momentous, Fleshly, Denotational, Absolute, Close-textured, Well-heeled, Superior, Serried, Compacted, Notable, Corporeal, Official, Imperative, Corresponding, Commanding, Abundant, Nonporous, Temporal, Gut, Generous, Ex officio, Commensurate, Factual, Significative, Packed, Tangible, Basic, Logical, Ab ovo, Prosperous, Intelligible, Crowded, Transferred, Referential, Connotational, Suasive, Surefire, Impermeable, Substantive, Decent, Primary, Great, Vast, Cool, Sizable, Real, Key, Associational, Eminent, Minimum, Meaningful, Due, Interpretable, Denotative, Palpable, Hegemonistic, Binding, Legitimate, Equal to, True, Well-off, Staunch, Objective, Well-fixed, Radical, Charismatic, Symbolic, Grand, Genuine, Puissant, Valid, Prominent, Extended, Calculable, Jammed, Essential, Monocratic, Sensible, Estimable, Material, Crammed full, Comfortable, Bigwig, Big-time, Efficacious, Unshakable, Authoritative, Firm as Gibraltar, Well-established, Easy, Able to pay, Sufficing, Big-name, Numberless, Sufficient, Magnetic, Actual, Jam-packed, Affluent, Winning, Meaning, Enough, Well-balanced, Effective, Meaty, Plenty, Duly constituted, Trustworthy, Weighty, Major, Steady, Worthwhile, Corporal, Congested, Preeminent, Metaphorical, Wealthy, Autocratic, Propertied, Gross, Rich, Impressive, Solid, Ascendant, Empowered, Clothed with authority, Veritable, Governing, Concentrated, Marked, Landed, Close-woven, Unfailing, Significant, Nonspiritual, Bodily, Indicative, For real, Bigwigged, Double-barreled, Definable, Supreme, Compressed, Well-built, Important, Consequential, Material, Unindebted, Influential, Elementary, Large, Persuasive, Worthwhile, Readable, Massive, Sententious, Mighty, Extensional, Self-consistent, World-shaking, Tidy, Stable, Primitive, Well-grounded, Ponderable, Existing, Heavyweight, Sturdy, Honest-to-God, Essential, Underlying, Stout, Actual, Sufficient for, Compact, Senior, Gluey, Secular, Tall, Concrete, Fit, Authoritarian, Successful, Potent, Hegemonic, Consolidated, High-powered, Sizeable, Personable, Meaningful, Dependable, Enchanting, Totalitarian, Balanced, Real, Telling, Authorized, Basal, Self-important, Ruling, Authentic, Without nerves, Numerous, Name, Snug, Large-scale, Pithy, Faithful, Consistent, Earthshaking, Elemental, Phenomenal, Leading, Thick, Intensional, Earthly, Goodly, Dense, Minimal, Solid, True, Bumper, Worldly, Lawful, Profitable, Good for, Fundamental, Viscous, Physical, Satisfactory, Fast, Barely sufficient, Competent, Respectable, Imperturbable, Allegorical, Solvent, Undeniable, Cogent, Good, Trusty, Significant, Appreciable, Good enough, De facto, Constituent, Close, Thick-growing, Viscose, Close-knit, Important, Unwavering, Up to, Positive, Crammed, Hard, Plenty good enough, Invincible, Historical, Big-league, Hylic, Effectual, Sound, Charming, Weighty, Controlling, Considerable, Valuable, Well-to-do, Secure, Unspiritual, Suitable, Materiate, Pregnant, Useful, Firm, Healthy, Faithworthy, Expressive, Full of meaning, Pointed, Principal, Adequate, Proportionate, Ample, Unflappable, Unflinching, Full of point, Prestigious, Somatic, Viscid, Connotative, Basic, Major, Sizeable, Predictable, Condensed, Fundamental, Fiducial, Dominant, Man-sized, Heavy, In equilibrium, Thickset, Full of substance, Powerful, Big, Real, Serious, Constitutive, Impenetrable, Reputable, Ranking

How to use Substantial in a sentence?

  1. There are ghosts and lots of people.
  2. There are many agreements on how to change directions.
  3. The losses we suffered in the garment business in the first quarter of last year were huge and, if we cannot make up for it in this quarter, we will be forced to reduce this business.
  4. The loss of forest in the area is significant due to the increase in the production of loggers and loggers.
  5. When the computer maker reduced the price of its laptop by 50%, it saw a significant increase in laptop sales.
  6. A good amount of money.

Meaning of Substantial & Substantial Definition