Substandard risk

Substandard risk,

Definition of Substandard risk:

  1. Insurance industry term for an individual considered below average or an impaired insurance risk due to his or her dangerous habits, health condition, family history of disease, hazardous occupation or hobby, and/or residence in unhealthy surroundings. Also called impaired risk.

  2. Another term for non-standard.

  3. Below the usual or required standard.

Synonyms of Substandard risk

Inferior, Second-rate, Low-quality, Low-grade, Poor, Poor-quality, Inadequate, Imperfect, Faulty, Defective, Jerry-built, Shoddy, Shabby, Crude, Unsound, Unacceptable, Unsatisfactory, Unworthy, Disappointing

How to use Substandard risk in a sentence?

  1. Substandard spellings.
  2. Substandard housing.

Meaning of Substandard risk & Substandard risk Definition