Definition of Subsidy:

  1. Grants are in the form of payments made directly or indirectly to recipients or business units. Grants are generally seen as a preferred form of financial aid, as they allow beneficiaries to reduce the amount of compensation previously levied or to promote certain measures through financial aid.

  2. Money donated by the government or government agency to help industry or companies keep the price of a product or service low or competitive.

  3. The parliamentary government subsidizes the needs of the state.

  4. Economic benefits provided by the government (such as tax deductions or tax breaks) or financial assistance (such as cash donations or concessional loans) (1) support required activities (such as exports), (2) lower commodity prices Keep, (3) the maintenance of the income of the manufacturer of important or strategic products; ()) Maintaining the level of employment; Or (5) the incentive to invest to reduce unemployment. The main feature of all subsidies is that they bring the market value of a product less than its production cost. Also known as discount.

  5. For example, a company provides indirect financial support to its employees through the company. B. Cheap food or free transportation. Also called profit.

  6. A grant is a benefit that is usually given to a person, company or institution by the government. This is usually a cash payment or a tax deduction. Grants are usually given to remove charges and are usually seen to promote social goods or economic policies in the public interest.

Synonyms of Subsidy

Carriage, Living, Procurement, Subvention, Paying the bills, Providing, Catering, Investment, Grant, Financial backing, Grubstake, Maintenance, Provisioning, Reward, Bounty, Sustenance, Nourishment, Bread, Supply, Supportive relationship, Welfare aid, Finding, Provision of capital, Livelihood, Sponsorship, Logistics, Scholarship, Victualing, Furnishment, Deficit financing, Contribution, Pension, Dole, Nurture, Treat, Subsidizing, Care, Sustainment, Depletion allowance, Carrying, Security blanket, Manna, Replenishment, Financial assistance, Retailing, Keep, Sustaining, Economic support, Provision, Reinforcement, Price support, Sustentation, Allotment, Standing treat, Patronization, Accouterment, Old-age insurance, Armament, Retirement benefits, Pecuniary aid, Meat, Endowment, Grant-in-aid, Backing, Gift, Financing, Chandlery, Support, Reliance, Capitalization, Furnishing, Mothering, Stake, Upkeep, Supplying, Welfare payments, Purveyance, Resupply, Equipment, Guaranteed annual income, Public assistance, Tender loving care, Public welfare, Daily bread, Fitting out, Financial support, Fellowship, Assistance, Psychological support, Relief, Alimony, Annuity, Outfitting, Subsistence, Aid, Help, Stipend, Moral support, Welfare, Funding, Tax benefit, Upholding, Selling, Preparation, Subsidization, TLC, Allowance, Supportive therapy

How to use Subsidy in a sentence?

  1. Agricultural subsidies.
  2. Grant critics, however, point out more and more grant accounting problems, eliminate hidden costs, and block political concessions in order to maximize benefits.
  3. Grants are direct or indirect payments to an individual or business, usually in the form of government cash payments or tax deductions.
  4. In return for concessions, parliament demanded new powers from the monarchy.
  5. For decades, the federal government has provided subsidies to corn makers to reduce the cost of corn and its products to consumers.
  6. In economic theory, subsidies can be used to compensate for market failures and external goods to maximize profits.
  7. Michels lacks organization. When the new fiscal year begins, they receive a government grant to help reduce expenses.
  8. The latest agricultural subsidy is a boon for two potato farmers who have suffered financial losses due to the drought, which has led to disappointing agricultural production.

Meaning of Subsidy & Subsidy Definition