Subsidiary Rights

Subsidiary Rights,

Subsidiary Rights Definition:

Meaning of Subsidiary Rights: In the business world, a subsidiary is a company owned by another company, commonly called a parent company or holding company.

Literal Meanings of Subsidiary Rights


Meanings of Subsidiary:
  1. Less important, but related to or complementing something.

  2. Companies controlled by parent company.

Sentences of Subsidiary
  1. Many environmentalists claim that animal rights are due to environmental protection.

  2. Spanish subsidiary

Synonyms of Subsidiary

subordinate company, subservient, subordinate, extra, peripheral, supplementary, minor, supplemental, ancillary, secondary, auxiliary, wholly owned company, lesser, attendant, additional


Meanings of Rights:
  1. The aforesaid, towards a human body or object, or in relation to that which is facing east, when the person or object is facing north.

  2. Absolute Absolute (used for emphasis)

  3. In broad or wide degree or degree (used to emphasize)

  4. On or to the right.

  5. Is it morally just, just or respectable?

  6. It is a moral or legal right to own or do something.

  7. A group or party that supports conservative or reactionary views.

  8. Return to normal or truth.

  9. It is used to indicate an agreement or to confirm a statement or order.

Sentences of Rights
  1. Is it politically correct, left or center?

  2. Turn right onto B1269

  3. Take the first right

  4. The law enters the election

  5. We turned the boat upside down

  6. Significant reductions in defense spending are needed for economic recovery

Synonyms of Rights

righteousness, total, in every respect, accepted, consent, justice, proper, at three o'clock, exact, without error, real, very well, fit, unerringly, ethical, entirely, leave, right, precisely, fine, utter, set right, quite, exemption, morality, fair, propriety, retrieve