Subsidiary Company

Subsidiary Company,

Subsidiary Company means,

  1. Definition of Subsidiary Company: An entity that is effectively controlled by another entity (ie parents). Whether a company is a subsidiary of another company for tax purposes can be determined based on various criteria, including the level of participation.

Literal Meanings of Subsidiary Company


Meanings of Subsidiary:
  1. Companies controlled by parent company.

  2. Less important, but related or complementary.

Sentences of Subsidiary
  1. Spanish subsidiary

  2. Many environmentalists say animal rights come under environmental protection.

Synonyms of Subsidiary

auxiliary, additional, ancillary, wholly owned company, supplemental, secondary, subordinate, subordinate company, lesser, extra, subservient, peripheral, minor, supplementary, attendant


Meanings of Company:
  1. A trading company

  2. The reality or condition of living with another person, especially in a way that brings friendship and happiness.

  3. Many people gathered, mostly for one purpose.

  4. Central Intelligence Agency.

  5. Form a team to meet him.

Sentences of Company
  1. A transport company

  2. I can use in company

  3. These are the people who have been with us at the moment

Synonyms of Company

set, institution, party, band, undertaking, closeness, circle, presence, crowd, comradeship, crew, operation, companionship, house, fellowship, concern, bureau, organization, firm, establishment