Definition of Subsidence:

  1. The shifting of the land on which the insured property is located.

  2. The gradual caving in or sinking of an area of land.

Synonyms of Subsidence

Collapse, Caving in, Falling in, Giving way, Sinking, Settling, Avalanche, Cadence, Catabasis, Catenary, Cessation, Coast, Collapse, Crash, Dead set, Dead stand, Dead stop, Deadlock, Deceleration, Declension, Decline, Decline and fall, Decrescendo, Decurrence, Diminuendo, Dive, Downtrend, Downturn, Droop, Drop, Dwindling, Dying down, Ebb, Ebbing, Fall, Full stop, Glide, Glissade, Glissando, Halt, Landslide, Landslip, Lapse, Lock, Lowering, Plunge, Remission, Retreat, Sag, Sideslip, Sinkage, Skid, Slide, Slip, Slippage, Slither, Slowdown, Slump, Snowslide, Snowslip, Stand, Standstill, Stillstand, Stop, Submergence, Swag, Wane, Waning

How to use Subsidence in a sentence?

  1. The race was abandoned because of subsidence of the track.

Meaning of Subsidence & Subsidence Definition