Subrogation Provision

Subrogation Provision,

Subrogation Provision:

Subrogation Provision refers to Terms of the insurance policy that indicate whether the insured has the right to waive his right to compensation from third parties who may be liable for damages under the policy. In standard business policy, the terms of the agreement are referred to as assigning third party submission rights.

Literal Meanings of Subrogation Provision


Meanings of Subrogation:
  1. Transfer of a person or group by another person in connection with insurance claims or claims, transfer of rights and responsibilities associated with it.

Sentences of Subrogation
  1. The insurance company cannot sue the holder for the insurance (exercise of the right to assign an insurance policy) because everyone is entitled to compensation for the same policy.


Meanings of Provision:
  1. Something to use Spread or spread something.

  2. The quantity or supply of something.

  3. Terms or requirements in legal documents.

  4. Beneficiaries are usually nominated directly by the pope, not by the boss, and initially before release.

  5. Provide food, drink or supplies, especially for travel.

  6. Save money for known obligations in the organization's account.

Sentences of Provision
  1. New service agreements

  2. Less social benefits

  3. Important provisions of civil law

  4. Consider another example of medieval populism in medieval England.

  5. The Civil Force contractor is responsible for providing the force

  6. Financial institutions need to provide themselves with financial assistance to cover credit losses

Synonyms of Provision

supplying, rig out, fit up, requirement, specification, arrangements, resource, delivery, purveying, term, giving, resources, providing, distribution, furnish, clause, donation, accoutre, fit out, solutions, arm, outfit, presentation, facilities, amenities