Definition of Subordinate:

  1. An employee ranked below another employee in terms of seniority or office hierarchy.

  2. A person under the authority or control of another within an organization.

  3. Treat or regard as of lesser importance than something else.

  4. Lower in rank or position.

Synonyms of Subordinate

Accessory, Adjuvant, Aide, Assistant, Assort, Auxiliary, Below, Beneath, Bolt, Categorize, Classify, Client, Cog, Collate, Collateral, Common, Commonality, Commonalty, Contributory, Creature, Demeaning, Dependent, Deprive of freedom, Disadvantaged, Disenfranchise, Disfranchise, Divide, Dominate, Employee, Enslave, Enthrall, Feudal, Feudatory, Flunky, Follower, Gradate, Grade, Group, Hanger-on, Helper, Hireling, Hoi polloi, Hold captive, Hold down, Hold in bondage, Hold in captivity, Hold in leash, Hold in subjection, Homager, Humble, In the shade, Inferior, Infra dig, Junior, Keep down, Keep under, Lackey, Lead captive, Less, Lesser, Liege, Liege man, Lightweight, Low, Lower, Lower class, Lower orders, Lowly, Make dependent, Masses, Minion, Minor, Modest, Myrmidon, Next to, Ordinary, Pawn, Peon, Peonize, Poor relation, Rank, Retainer, Riddle, Right-hand man, Satellite, Screen, Scrub, Second fiddle, Second rank, Second string, Secondary, Separate, Serf, Servant, Servile, Sieve, Sift, Size, Slave, Sort, Sort out, Staffer, Stooge, Sub, Subaltern, Subject, Subjugate, Subordinate to, Subservient, Subsidiary, Supplementary, Take captive, Third rank, Third string, Third stringer, Tributary, Under, Underling, Underprivileged, Understrapper, Vassal, Vassalize, Vulgar, Yeoman, Yes-man, Lower-ranking, Junior, Lower, Lesser, Inferior, Lowly, Minor, Supporting, Junior, Assistant, Second, Second in command, Number two, Right-hand man, Right-hand woman, Deputy, Aide, Adjutant, Subaltern, Apprentice, Underling, Flunkey, Minion, Lackey, Mate, Inferior

How to use Subordinate in a sentence?

  1. He decided to bite his tongue and not say anything knowing he was a his boss subordinate and didnt want to run the risk of getting fired.
  2. He was mild-mannered, especially with his subordinates.
  3. The new hire vowed to be a subordinate to his manager for only a brief period of time because he had dreams of moving beyond his lowly rank into a more prestigious position.
  4. It is important for a subordinate to respect his boss, as the boss usually has more education and experience in a field than his subordinate .
  5. His subordinate officers.
  6. Practical considerations were subordinated to political expediency.

Meaning of Subordinate & Subordinate Definition