Definition of Submit:

  1. Leave or leave others. For example, sellers sometimes meet customer needs by lowering the price to sell.

  2. Analyze or send for further analysis. In business, the term is often used to refer to suggestions, plans and / or opinions. For example, you can ask someone to share their opinion about a project.

Synonyms of Submit

Advance, Knuckle under to, Place, Run for office, Launch, Have, Stick, Put forward, Propound, Recommend, Be agreeable, Put, Come over, Keep, Present, Come round, Accede to, Designate, Follow the book, Observe, Shrug, Tender, Meddle, Bow to, Put forth, Park, Submit to, Commend to attention, Enter, Assent, Hold out, Declare, Bring forward, Hold forth, Set forth, Obey, Profess, Knock under, Let go by, Posit, Pose, Assever, Bring up, Confer, Respect, Argue, Swallow the pill, Manifesto, Avow, Lay, Coach, Resign, Counsel, Fall in with, Grin and abide, Direct, Proclaim, Listen to, Come to, Kibitz, Propose, Station, Stand for, Prefer, Set before, Asseverate, Offer, Make a motion, Accept, Nominate, Annunciate, Say, Contend, Conform, Put up with, Toe the line, Assert, Lay before, Allege, Be persuaded, Relax, Name, Speak out, Proposition, Yield, Harken to, Extend, Succumb to, Yield to, Advise, Introduce, Guide, Brief, Consult with, Take orders, Condone, State, Overlook, Live with it, Broach, Take, Prescribe, Consent to, Instruct, Heed, Comply, Aver, Comply with, Post, Come around, Affirm, Postulate, Succumb, Name for office, Not resist, Mark, Relent, Face the music, Go along with, Bend, Set, Express, Announce, Advocate, Unbend, Maintain, Accede, Moot, Suggest, Bring before, Let pass, Predicate, Set down, Put it to, Open up, Seat, Consent, Run, Give, Pronounce, Bend to, Knuckle under, Offer a resolution, Agree to, Insist, Stand on, Shrug it off, Proffer, Attend to orders, Countenance, Truckle to, Enunciate, Swallow it, Defer to, Speak up, Put it, Rise above, Put up, Move, Speak, Mind, Lay down, Protest, Avouch, Give way, Hold, Take it, Obey the rules, Start, Issue a manifesto, Stay in line, Acquiesce, Knuckle down

Meaning of Submit & Submit Definition

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