Definition of Submission:

  1. The act of giving or giving something to someone. Refunds to employees for their purchases. Receipt of receipt for the appropriate department must be completed.

  2. Be in a state of surrender, defeat or obedience. If one of the parties refuses to comply, offers are usually made by force. For example, if a merger agreement between two companies fails, the target company may still be subject to a competitive takeover bid.

  3. Submit a proposal, request or other document for review or review.

  4. The act or process of accepting or surrendering to the will or authority of a higher power or another.

  5. Like a suggestion or form that was given to someone for further action or review. Newspaper Editors Reviews He presented his presentation, his weekly advice column.

Synonyms of Submission

Acceptance, Reverence, Consent, Yielding, Acquiescence, Suggestion, Willingness, Nonresistance, Venturing, Bob, Agreement, Connivance, Faith, Concession, Blessing, Capitulation, Affirmation, Bowing, Obedience, Quietism, Conformity, Salutation, Tendering, Compliance, Advance, Compliance, Capitulation, Approbation, Loyalty, Sanction, Scrape, Asking price, Offer, Obsequiousness, Passivity, Okay, Resignation, Endorsement, Standing at attention, Submittal, Submitting, Preliminary approach, Allegiance, Presenting, Bow, Humility, Deference, Overture, Amenability, Affirmative voice, Observance, Obediency, Nonviolent resistance, Homage, Broaching, Proffer, Kneeling, Promptness, Genuflection, Proposal, Eagerness, Servility, Approval, Feeler, Consent, Giving in, Suit service, Assent, Approach, Invitation, Introduction, Acceptance, Nod, Lodgement, Unloathness, Service, OK, Accord, Quakerism, Salute, Servitium, Accession, Salaam, Proffering, Dutifulness, Yielding, Tender, Passiveness, Prostration, Obeisance, Contribution, Airing, Positing, Kowtow, Making a leg, Bid, Proposing, Passive resistance, Readiness, Affirmative, Duteousness, Presenting arms, Presentation, Promptitude, Timidity, Fealty, Bending the knee, Aye, Meekness, Agreement, Offering, Presentation, Bend, Tabling, Curtsy, Uncomplainingness, Permission, Suit and service, Cringing, Tentative approach, Surrender, Docility, Humbleness, Dipping the colors, Ungrudgingness, Ratification, Bowing and scraping, Submissiveness, Entry, Tractability, Inclination, Unreluctance

How to use Submission in a sentence?

  1. As his 20th birthday is being celebrated, publishers are looking for stories for a special edition of fiction.
  2. He felt that his job offer had to be time bound to complete the course, and it would have been better to ■■■■ up his competitors' work in a better offer.
  3. The person sends an email with their application. Now he could only hope that his grades were good enough to guarantee him a place in the university.
  4. Reports should be prepared for presentation at partner meetings.
  5. They are forced to submit.

Meaning of Submission & Submission Definition

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How Do You Define Submission?

  • Submission means, Insurance offers to insurance companies. This term applies to more than one complete application, unless the application includes all the information required by the insurance company.

Meanings of Submission

  1. The act or process of accepting or withdrawing the will or authority of a higher power or another.

  2. Document for review and review Submit a proposal, request, or other document.

Sentences of Submission

  1. Prepare reports for presentation at partner meetings.


How Do You Define Submission?

The term imp offered to insurance companies is more than a complete application unless it contains all the information that the insurer needs.

Meanings of Submission

  1. Submit a proposal, request, or other document for consideration or evaluation.


Submission means,

  • Submission means: Offering insurance to insurance companies. The term imp is more than a complete application, as long as the application does not include all the information that the insurer needs.


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