Subliminal advertising

Subliminal advertising,

Definition of Subliminal advertising:

  1. For example, the ad message is unknown to the recipient. B. which broadcasts in very small volumes or flashes on the screen in less than a second. Its effectiveness is not supported by scientific evidence and its use in some countries is considered a misleading commercial practice.

  2. Advertisers use images and voices to influence consumer reactions without their attention.

How to use Subliminal advertising in a sentence?

  1. When you don't realize that some companies use sub-excellent advertisements to make you think about their products.
  2. He knew that the new company was testing underground advertising techniques that the man did not want to follow.
  3. A persuasive technique that depends on the power of emotions to influence our decision.
  4. Marketing companies use great ads in make-up ads to sell diet pills to girls that look good.

Meaning of Subliminal advertising & Subliminal advertising Definition