Sublimação Exemplos

Sublimação Exemplos

Insightful example 2

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Gao or vice versa

A simple example of this is naphthalene, a stone that is used cheaply as medicine = D

Twelve classic examples of temperature surfacing or solitary or naphthalene (a small rock, some people hug us) and dry gel (solid carbide gas). .. A typical page of greatness or overall physical condition as a lemur pump, but found in special conditions of pressure and temperature ... can be under buckled equal to water. It softens because it has low temperature and pressure ...

It helps ...

Sublimação Exemplos

Sublimação Exemplos

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Understand the straight line from solid to solid and from solid to solid. An example of greatness or page page is naphthalene (© © solid) for the Gao state, except that the straight down state is a liquid. A naphthalene cheap is used to scare the cheap and get out of drawers and cupboards. It has a characteristic odor.

Some great stuff:

Iodine (solid)

CO2 (carbon dioxide), in the form of a dry gel


Naphthalene (or preparing active compost called Naphthalene)

Snow / ice, in certain terms

It is important that the sample is above or below normal temperature and pressed or close. Many other substances can hold greatness under the harmful conditions of temperature and pressure.

Greatness © © When a substance is in a cold state and pays for either a liquid or a solid.

Sublimação Exemplos