Definition of Sublet:

  1. Tenant to tenant is rented.

  2. Rent a property to rent to other tenants.

  3. Rental (property) to all tenants.

Synonyms of Sublet

Chartered, Charter, Let off, Rent, Leased, Lease, Farm, Rent out, Rent out, Rented, Lend-lease, Loan, Give on loan, Lease-lend, Hire out, Lease-back, Hire, Lease, Sublease, Job, Let out, Subleased, Sublet, Mercenary, Lease out, Hire, Let, Hire out, Let out, Hireling, Rent, Underlease, Farm out, Sublease, Contract, Employed, Underlet, Farm out, Paid, Hired, Charge for the use of

How to use Sublet in a sentence?

  1. I am leaving my job and I am going to rent my apartment.
  2. It is painful, slow and complicated and does not connect students to the lease and sublease or the old orange card system.

Meaning of Sublet & Sublet Definition