Subject Policies

Subject Policies,

Subject Policies:

  • The policy issued by the original insurer (original policy) is subject to the provisions of the traditional reinsurance agreement.

Literal Meanings of Subject Policies


Meanings of Subject:
  1. Anything or anything that is being discussed, explained or debated.

  2. A branch of knowledge that is learned or taught in schools, colleges or universities.

  3. A member of a state that is not its sovereign, especially a state that is bound by allegiance to a king or other supreme ruler.

  4. A noun or noun sentence that acts as one of the main components of a sentence and is the element on which the rest of the sentence is based.

  5. The thoughts or feelings of the conscious mind of the ego, especially as opposed to anything outside the brain.

  6. It may or may not be affected (some situations or events that are usually undesirable or traumatic).

  7. Dependent or conditional

  8. Under authority

Sentences of Subject
  1. I have said everything that needs to be said on this subject.

  2. Mathematics is not my best subject.

  3. The law only applies to English subjects.

  4. Manic depression

  5. The integration plan requires shareholder approval.

  6. Ministers are subject to state law.

  7. Under the EC agreement, we intend to create an operational zone in the zone.

  8. You had a terrible experience.

Synonyms of Subject

matter, text, vassal, course of study, liegeman, field, inhabitant, branch of knowledge, content, issue, lay open to, bound by, in danger of, resident, wide open to, hingeing on, under the control of, apt/likely to suffer from, expose to, vulnerable to, constrained by, theme, voter, essence


Meanings of Policies:
  1. An attitude or principle of action adopted or proposed by an organization or individual.

  2. An insurance contract

  3. Illegal lottery or number game.

Sentences of Policies
  1. Controversial government policy

  2. They make policies together.

  3. I swear he has never been in politics in his life.

Synonyms of Policies

system, proposed action, practice, custom, matter of course, programme, attitude, mode, tack, blueprint, routine, stance, schedule, theory, strategy, style, procedure, intentions, approach, plans, position, rule, convention, way, notions, guidelines