Subhanallah Meaning

Subhanallah Meaning

What is the meaning of Sabla?

Subhan is an Arabic term that is often translated as great.

Muhammad N. Abi Bakr Abdul Qadir Al-Razi says in his book Mukhtar Al-Sahih, a group of Arcord Books:

Sabla means purification, and it is related to the verbal word (sabh, meaning emptiness) as to say that I was absolutely wrong.

The word is actually Subh, Batal or Tasbeeh which nullifies the sound. Therefore, the literal meaning of the sentence is empty ... and there is a part which is not considered free from all evils. And this is how it is used in the Qur'an. For example, he says that Subhali Uma Yasiphon 37: 159 is abrogated from what they (evil) think, and Sabla Uma Yeshri 52:43 is pure from what they say.

It is also frequently mentioned during Islamic prayers. During the sermon in the mosque.

Subhan's statement proves the end of the elements of humanity or attachment to it, as Al-Razi says in his book Mukhtar Al-Sahih, Subhal means respect for H.

Subhanallah Meaning