Definition of Subdivision:

  1. A tract of land which has been divided into smaller pieces (called lots), usually for the purpose of constructing residences which will be sold individually.

  2. The action of subdividing or being subdivided.

Synonyms of Subdivision

Abstraction, Adjunct, Alienation, Analysis, Analyzation, Anatomizing, Anatomy, Arrangement, Assay, Assaying, Assembly-line housing, Bifidity, Bifurcation, Billeting, Bipartition, Bisection, Blood, Bracket, Branch, Branching, Breakdown, Breaking down, Breaking up, Breakup, By two, Caste, Cataloging, Categorization, Category, Census, Clan, Class, Classification, Codification, Component, Composition, Constituents, Content, Contents, Contingent, Cross section, Cutting in two, Detachment, Detail, Dichotomy, Dimidiation, Disarticulation, Disassociation, Disconnectedness, Disconnection, Discontinuity, Disengagement, Disjointing, Disjunction, Dislocation, Dissection, Disunion, Division, Divisions, Divorce, Divorcement, Docimasy, Dole, Domiciliation, Doss, Elements, Estate, Filing, Forking, Fraction, Grade, Grading, Gravimetric analysis, Group, Grouping, Guts, Halving, Head, Heading, Hospitality, Housing, Housing bill, Housing development, Housing problem, In half, Incoherence, Index, Indexing, Ingredients, Innards, Insides, Installment, Inventory, Isolation, Item, Items, Kin, Label, Level, List, Living quarters, Lodging, Lodgment, Lower-income housing, Luxation, Order, Parcel, Part, Particular, Parting, Partition, Parts, Percentage, Pigeonhole, Pigeonholing, Placement, Portion, Position, Predicament, Proximate analysis, Quadrant, Quantitative analysis, Quarter, Quartering, Quota, Race, Ramification, Random sample, Ranging, Rank, Ranking, Rating, Reduction to elements, Remainder, Removal, Resolution, Rubric, Sample, Sampling, Section, Sector, Segment, Segmentation, Semimicroanalysis, Separation, Separatism, Sept, Set, Share, Slum clearance, Sorting, Station, Status, Strain, Stratification, Stratum, Subgroup, Suborder, Subspecies, Subtraction, Tabulation, Taxonomy, Title, Tract, Transient lodging, Typology, Urban renewal, Whole, Withdrawal, Zoning, Subdivision, Division, Section, Segment

How to use Subdivision in a sentence?

  1. Genealogies can then be modeled using existing models of geographic subdivision, with mutation (and, in a sense, recombination) taking the place of migration.

Meaning of Subdivision & Subdivision Definition